A Training Program That Will Actually Give You Results

Unless someone has looked at your body, and then made a workout program that is tailored to your unique symmetrical issues…you DO NOT have a GREAT workout program…you have a normal workout program.

Why is this a big deal…what's this talk about symmetry?

Good Symmetry, simply put, is when nothing stands out on a physique…you don't have tiny legs and a huge upper body, you don't have huge biceps but tiny triceps, you don't have a weak upper chest…everything just fits…perfectly.

If your workout program isn't tailored to your symmetrical issues, you will continue to build muscle, but in the wrong places, and your symmetrical issues will stand out more clearly. Furthermore, if you have good symmetry you will look bigger, and better than someone that may weigh more than you.

Take a look in the mirror, be honest, are your biceps tiny, but you have strong triceps? Does your upper chest sink, while you have a big lower chest? Well take a good look, and write out your week points. Then get a sheet of paper and do as follows:

Day 1 - chest / Abs (1 Hour Session) Day 2 - Back / Calves (1 Hour Session) Day 3 - Arms / Abs (1 Hour Session) Day 4 - Legs / Calves (1 Hour Session) Day 5 - Shoulders / Abs (1 Hour Session) Day 6 - Rest Day 7 - Rest

Now that you've clearly written out your weak points, I'm going to use an example..let's use John.

John has a week upper chest, and wants to train his pecs for Day 1. So in order to create a program that is going to be great, the majority of his exercises will be for upper chest. Also, John will do more sets for his upper chest -- digging deeper into the muscle tissue -- so it'll look a little something like this.

- DAY 1 - *Rest 1 minute between all sets for Abs and Chest


Lat pull down 25-30 reps 3 sets Incline Bench Press 25-30 reps 3 sets

*Working Sets



Incline Dumbbell Press 10-15 Reps 4 sets Incline Barbell Press 10-15 reps 4 sets Incline Cable Fly 10-15 reps 4 sets Flat Bench Press 10-15 reps 3 sets Flat Cable Fly 10-15 reps 3 sets Decline Barbell Press 10-15 reps 3 sets Decline Cable fly 10-15 reps 3 sets


Lower Ab Raises 5 sets to failure Side Crunches 3 sets to failure *each side Regular crunches 3 sets to failure

Now that you understand the nature of how and why John made his program, you can do the same with your unique symmetrical issues. Take your weak points, and select exercises that target those weak points! Start with your weakest body parts and always do more sets to make those weak muscle groups grow faster!

Do this -- and I guarantee you -- the results you will blow you away!

Sean Kaufman | Elite.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr