A Letter To My Future Kids: Teaching Them Everything I Wish I Had Known

I'm single, have never been married and have no children. But if I did, here's some wisdom I'd impart unto the smaller, cuter versions of me:

1. Don't hide your flaws

Share your dark secrets. Sometimes this may be difficult, but it's important not to bottle up negativity. You need to spill your darkness so it doesn't consume you—let people see it. You need to feel embarrassed at times in order to become more courageous and confident.

2. Do a little cherry picking

Some people are going to disappoint you. It's important to accept people as they are, but it's also important to choose the people with whom you surround yourself—it's okay outgrow friends.

3. Be in the moment

Don't only love people when they are sick. Don't only forgive people once they've apologized. Enjoy life while it is happening—be present.

4. Believe in something

Believe in something greater than yourself. Whatever religion, whatever greater power you choose, I hope you find something to be a constant reminder of how blessed you are simply just to be. I also hope you understand that whatever you believe, believing is alone not enough. You must fight laziness, open your eyes and work to find your own way.

5. Take long walks and write letters.

You'll learn a lot about yourself with a blank page or a quiet path. Learning to do things in solidarity will help you grow and open your soul.

6. Be good to yourself

Don't be afraid of being alone and don't be afraid of failure. Do exercise. Try not to smoke. Nothing is forever, so enjoy and appreciate. (Actually, I hear that if you leave a bag of McDonald's out, the chemicals preserve it forever, so there's that.) Oh, and don't eat McDonalds.

7. Mornings and breakfast

A good day begins with a great morning. Don't get cheap coffee, go for the good stuff. The importance of having breakfast is so important for your body. Find out what your soul needs and feed it.

8. On matters of the [broken] heart

I've always had a secret crush on breaking up because it allows for self reflection and finding oneself again. So, don't be scared. Everyone navigates this hardship at some point, and generally more than once. But fear not, when in a great deal of pain, chocolate and slasher movies work like a charm.

9. One french fry is never enough.

So just say no.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock