Why The 90s Are Making A Comeback

by Evelyn Pelczar

Recently, we 90s kids have been taking all you other folk on a trip to the past. We started with bringing back certain elements of fashion, then showed up with some iconic music, and even started affecting your TVs. Nothing is safe when the 90s start taking over AGAIN.

We all know and understand that fashion is a way to express yourself. In the 90s, light-wash jeans, flannels, over sized t -shirts, bright printed patterns and trendy sneakers were all the talk. Think about everything I just said. In 2012, you commonly find all of these things on the streets. We can start with sneakers, like Keds, that have suddenly had a huge comeback.

Nike will and has always been in, but we now have the Nike wedges, further evolving the style that was once simple. A casual outfit, in my area, most always consists of a flannel and jeans that completely reminds me of "Boy Meets World." We also love to rock patterns that are bright, with crazy shapes and interesting details.

This is also a huge 90s trend that has worked its way back into fashion. Think about celebrities such as Will Smith or Britney Spears for example. Their tight outfits and crazy wardrobe choices will always make them fashion icons of the 90s -- and their impact on style is starting to appear again.

In terms of music, the 90s was known for boy bands, and of course iconic pop stars. Britney had her comeback when she started judging "The X Factor," guiding young stars to the same success she had. When I think about the boy bands of the 90s, I immediately think of 'N SYNC. 'N SYNC’s main personality, Justin Timberlake, is making a HUGE rise right now.

Recently announcing his newest single with Jay-Z, "Suit and Tie," and performing live at the Grammys -- he really is bringing sexy back, 90’s style. He, alone, represents a huge part of the era, which is a boy band. The final artist who has showed us a glimpse of the 90s is Beyoncé with her recent Super Bowl performance.

B brought back her crew Destiny’s Child to help her wow the crowd. As children, most 90s kids can say they remember bouncing around to "Jumpin Jumpin’" or can remember the matching outfits the terrific threesome used to wear down the red carpet. ''

At the Super Bowl they certainly took us on a trip down memory lane wearing three black matching (but different) outfits, singing "Bootylicious" -- now, that is a classic. It’s safe to say as far as music goes, the 90s have taken over.

Lastly, we touch upon America’s beloved past time, watching TV. Recently we all found out Topanga and Corey will be taking us by storm with a spin-off of "Boys Meets World." I don’t know anyone who isn’t excited by this news, being that this show was a huge part of that decade.

It was a highly realistic TV show, and compared to what’s being shown today, it will be a great story line to add to the mix. TV in the 90s wasn’t considered something that could poison kids' minds because everything being shown had certain innocence to it -- as opposed to today’s TV. Bringing the 90s into the mix on TV can only do some good for today’s generation.

Everyone always demonstrates pride when talking about the decade they were born into. Being a little biased, I must say 90s kids do it best -- and it is clearly shown by the huge comeback the decade is making.

Sara DiMaggio | Elite. @sdimagg