Me, Myself And I: 9 Divine Qualities Of A Badass Babe Who Goes Out By Herself

There is just something so wildly magnetic about a badass babe who dares to go out by herself. Not with a date. Not in a sea of girls hungry to meet fresh boy blood.

I'm talking about the intriguing, one-of-a-kind VIXEN who takes herself out on glorious dates.

She teems with mystery. She’s an undeniable force in which to be reckoned with. She’s different from the rest.

She's got a style that can't be carbon-copied. She's refreshingly chic, impossibly glamorous, yet has playful prowess that’s lightyears ahead of her time.

She's one of a kind. She is sexy because she radiates a fierce independence that is palpable, almost electric to every entity tucked into the bar.

Her naturally rebellious energy infatuates the masses, for every single soul in sight is collectively curious about who this fascinating and elusive girl-creature is.

She’s the sort of girl who simply likes herself enough to treat herself. She’s a fearless style rebel, the kind of girl who smashes the boring fashion "rules" with her nail polish-adorned hands.

She's the rare breed who can simultaneously rock a bold lip with an in-your-face smoky eye and actually pull it off.

Though she oozes inherent charm, she’s not here to impress you. In fact, she doesn’t need anyone besides her awesome self.

She’s privy to the most important secret that takes too many girls too long to learn: You are the best friend you will ever have. She likes herself enough to treat herself.

She takes herself out on the town while leaving the rest of the population lost in universal wonder. A plethora of eyes watch her; they are hyper inquisitive, ravenous to know more about this mysterious vamp.

For there are divine qualities exclusive to the badass babe who dares to venture out alone:

She’s Brimming With Confidence

While there are a surplus of girls scattered around the city whose confidence is directly reliant on the number of attractive bodies they surround themselves with, the girl who dines alone is not one of these girls.

Again, she's just not like most people.

She attains a unique confidence, the kind that comes from deep within herself, not from the validation of others.

While she’s a wildly social creature, when faced with the choice, she would prefer to bask in her own fierce company than heaps of fake friends and meaningless acquaintances.

She’s A Girl Who Sets Trends, Doesn't Follow Them

A girl who is fierce enough to go out by herself is fierce enough to own her personal style.

She doesn’t read fashion magazines to discover what she should wear; she is inspired by the world around her. She’s a creative individual who garners her inspiration from the fabulous displays of street-style she observes from countries across the globe.

She is inspired by an international crew of other badass babes who boldly express themselves; yet, she always makes it her own.

If she likes something, she fearlessly wears it with reckless abandon. She plays and experiments with style; there is no set formula to her look.

Subsequently, she becomes the girl who sets the trends, not the one who follows them. Her authentic style intrigues girls everywhere, and they all attempt to emulate her fresh aesthetic.

She’s The Modern-Day Vixen

While the girl who goes out by herself is most definitely a modern woman who unabashedly thrives in the modern world, she also has the unexpected classic glamour of the Hollywood screen siren.

In this age of incessant over-sharing, the badass babe provides us with a much-needed smattering of mystique. There is just something so fascinating and seductive about an independent girl all dressed up, indulging in her own company at the bar.

She’s simply a rare vixen.

She’s An Empowered Feline

So when observing a mysterious, mega babe, who is blissfully by herself, we can’t help but feel a sweeping sensation of ferocious admiration.

After all, is there a single more empowering thing for a woman to do than take herself out?

By getting dressed to the nines in the attire she adores and treating herself to a night out, she’s declaring to the universe that she’s worthy of her own company.

She’s Has Her Own Set Of Rules

Society is forever telling us girls that a night out on the town is an activity reserved for dates or in the company of a large group of friends.

The girl who rebels against this dated notion is a girl who challenges the system. She doesn't subscribe to the oppressive rules.

The only rules she answer’s to are the ones she sets for her badass self.

She’s Beautifully Adventurous

One of the great lures to going out, in general, is not knowing what fascinating entity you just might meet. But all too often we go out in big, massive groups and only engage with people we already know.

This is absolutely NOT the case for the badass babe who goes out alone. Because she’s not caught up in a sea of familiar faces, and instead has opted to fly solo.

She has opened herself up to meeting other beautifully adventurous free spirits who are daring enough to explore the world alone.

She’s A Free Bird

The girl alone at the bar is FREE. She's not attached to her boyfriend. She's not co-dependent on her friends. She doesn’t need to be shackled to the plans of others in order to feel secure.

She does what she wants, when she wants and is always ready for the night to take an unexpected, exciting turn.

She Has Killer Instincts

A girl who is so impressively independent, so authentically rebellious and so gorgeously self-assured; is a girl who listens to her gut. She's in touch with her instincts.

She doesn't need anyone else to tell her what’s right or what’s wrong. She boldly listens to her intuition. She doesn't question the voice within her, so she is always, always safe.

She’s A Glamorous Badass

The girl alone at the bar is a real badass. A real badass is a different breed than the false "badass" mean girls who use cheap intimidation tactics to scare off the masses.

A real badass is a ferocious chick who thinks for herself. It's the girl who fearlessly speaks her gorgeous mind. It's the lady that knows what she likes.

She’s the girl who doesn’t require compliments to sustain her self-esteem. She’s the girl who dresses for herself. She's a rebel.

She's wild, untamable and gloriously playful.

Because she's so DIVINE, everyone is in awe of this rare, badass babe who slowly sips her champagne alone at the bar. We all want to know more...