8 Things We All Worry About That We Must Realize Don't Actually Matter At All

by Liz C.

It can be so hard to see the world outside of our own lives.

We so often spend days, weeks and months f*cking around while the big beautiful world is outside waiting for us. Everyone does it. We get so wrapped up in our own boring routines and patterns that it becomes hard for us to break out of the cycle.

For me, it has been a struggle to find balance between productivity and worry. Millennials are on a constant fast-paced track to careers, travel, families and God knows what else. But worry only clouds judgment and gets in the way of our true passions and desires.

Hang on. What if we just dropped a few habits out of our busy, stressful and worry-filled lives to make a bit of space for love, hobbies, burgers or whatever else actually makes us happy?

We should all strive to get these nasty gray clouds of worry and self-doubt out of our lives so we can focus on things that truly matter. Here are a few of the things we must stop worrying about:

Pleasing others

Can I let you in on a little secret? No matter where you go or what you do, there will ALWAYS be someone who won't like who you are or what you are doing. Once this sinks in, you realize that making choices for anyone but yourself and the people close to you is harmful.

Pleasing your significant other

Of course when you love someone you want to try to make everything work out perfectly. But how often does this lead to compromise in your personal values and goals? If you are not aligned with your counterpart to the point that it causes you anxiety, it might be time to move on.

How your life looks on social media

I am so glad your angles are on point and your frat threw the best rager, but honestly, that says nothing about who you are. I have known people who have incredible online presence, but are total duds in real life. Staring at a screen wondering why you don't have more likes on that status will never make for a better you.


Sometimes things just aren't meant to be. Why spend energy trying to figure out what you did wrong? If you are giving your all to the things you're passionate about, a bit of rejection might even help fuel you forward. In the immortal words of Chumbawamba, "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down."

Being brash

Put your foot in your mouth again? Good. To be overly cliché, honesty is the best policy. If people don't like what you have to say, it's their loss. Some of my best connections with people occurred when I was slightly offended by what they said, and then realized the truth of it.

Making a good impression

First impressions are terribly overrated. If someone at a party accidentally trips and lays out on the floor, will you forever think of them as a drunken mess? No. You will probably remember a time you did the same thing, and be glad it wasn't you again. Humans are more alike than we realize, and are often forgiving about trivial things like first impressions.

Living up to someone else

That person is living his or her own life and story; go get serious about living yours.

Having a timeline

This is something I see my generation (and probably every generation) preoccupied with the most. When are you graduating? Where are you working these days? Are you trying for kids?

These are all questions we hear from family and friends, but they should really be asking: Are you fulfilled? What are you finding interesting these days? Can you tell me what you are passionate about?

If you aren't getting asked these questions, maybe try asking them yourself. Timelines are personally specific, and rushing through life wont make you any more successful or happy.

Although it is nearly impossible to stop worrying totally, there are so many ways we can cut ourselves a well-deserved break. Life moves at breakneck speed already; we need to take the time to slow it down and relax. Say f*ck it to worrying every once and while.