8 Things People With Thick Skin Don't Bother Caring About

People are born in different shapes and sizes – and with different thickness of skin. Although, to be fair, you aren’t so much born with thick skin as you grow it over time.

Meaning that even if you believe yourself to be a bit thin in certain areas, you can learn to protect yourself.

Having thick skin is one of the most important things in life – not because it helps you not care, but because it helps you understand that most things only affect you because you allow them to affect you.

Just because you care about something doesn’t mean that you should allow it to have a negative impact on you or your perspective on life. Having thick skin is caring, but having the strength to keep pursuing what you believe to be right.

Here are 8 things that those with thicker skin don’t allow to faze them:

1. Your backwards opinion.

Everyone has an opinion, but those with thick skin don’t really care about everybody else’s. This isn’t to say that they believe only their opinion matters. It does mean, however, that, in the end, their opinion is what matters most.

You have an opportunity to show them evidence and change their opinions, but unless you are able to do so, they simply don’t care what your opinion is – no matter how backwards it is.

2. How much you dislike them.

Everyone in the world is disliked by at least one other person. There is almost always a good reason to dislike somebody. It may be a result of a mistake or inappropriate behavior on his part, but it may just be that you concocted a creative reason to loathe that person.

Whatever the case may be… those with thick skin won’t be fazed by it. You don’t need to like them because, as long as they like themselves, it doesn’t really matter how you feel.

3. How badly you wish they were different.

They’re not different and they don’t plan on changing anytime soon because they’re happy with who they are. They probably wish you were different as well. Or they just don’t pay you any mind whatsoever – you never know with these sorts of people. They tend only to care about a very select few individuals.

4. Not getting it right the first time.

People with thick skin love themselves, but they aren’t necessarily delusional. They know they aren’t perfect and that they make mistakes. Of course, you’ll always find those who like to think they are flawless, but generally – if they are following pursuits in their lives – they have already experienced the difficulty with which anything worth pursuing is attained.

They got it wrong the first time they tried and they’re OK with it. They’re going to give it another try.

5. Failing again for the nth time.

Failing the first time around is rough – especially when people realize that their dreams are further off than they expected. Those with thick enough skin to suck it up and keep going are likely to have thick enough skin to fail several more times.

Once you fail, you have to accept that failure is again a possibility. Those with the thickest skin will fail over and over again, but will continue pushing forward. Each blow hurts just the same, if not more, but they decided that they will win. And that’s that.

6. Not being good enough.

There comes a point in your life when you're faced with a truth: you just aren’t good enough.

Many will convince themselves that they are good enough and that other forces at play are keeping them down – most will point the finger at someone else. Others will accept that they aren’t good enough and quit.

Then there are those with thick skin who will accept that they aren’t good enough to accomplish what they wish to accomplish – not just yet anyway.

7. Not being right for the people they love.

...Or not being loved by the people they love. Or not being capable of loving the people they love the way those people deserve to be loved. The most painful failures in our lives are the failures of love.

Attempting to love or be loved and failing at loving properly is probably the most common experience in the world. We all fail at love – albeit some more brutally than others. There is nothing in the universe short of torture that hurts more – absolutely nothing.

It’s a torture of its own. Even the those with the thickest of skins get knocked out by this blow. But… they are also the ones who get up and continue moving forward.

8. Not having someone there for support.

Being on your own – truly on your own in the world – is scary. It’s scary no matter how tough, how smart or how strong you are. Solitude, being completely alone in life, will make the knees of any giant quiver.

Sadly, the world is a lonely place and whether or not you wish to be alone, you’re bound to find yourself alone at several points in your life – almost always at crucial ones.

Fighting a war is one thing… fighting a war on your own is a whole other. Those with thick skin accept their fear for what it is and then move past it.

They understand that fear only exists of their own creation and that it can be worked through. Thick skin may not like to be alone, but it can manage if it has to.

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