8 Reasons Why Being 19 Is Your Hardest Year

Adulting is hard. It's especially hard when you're thrown into it before you're even ready.

This is exactly what being 19 is like. You're no longer a teenager safely under your parents' wings. You're thrown out of the nest and told to fly.

So, basically, a lot of 19 is falling… and falling hard.

We've all been there and can totally sympathize. It does get better, believe me.

But, up until your 20th birthday, let me be the first to say I'm totally here for you, especially for these eight reasons why being 19 is the hardest year ever.

1. You've Officially Taken The Leap Into Adulthood

Bagus Ghufron/Unsplash

Eighteen is when you're told you're officially an adult, but you still have those training wheels on. You're allowed to be a kid and make mistakes. That's not entirely the case when you're 19.

You've officially crossed the borders of adulthood, and there's absolutely no turning back now.

2. You Have To Figure Out Your Life Plans

You've been living a carefree life full of hopes and dreams, and then all of a sudden, you're told you need a well-detailed plan for the rest of your life.

Give me a break! I still don't know what I even want to be when I grow up.

3. You Still Can't Drink Alcohol

Sure, you're #adulting, and you need to get all of your ducks in a row, but you still can't hit up the bar for a beer. For real though: Am I an adult, or am I a kid? Someone please set the record straight here.

If you're being told you're an adult, it's kind of a tease you're not able to enjoy all of the perks just yet.

4. You're A Teenager And An Adult

Xavier Sotomayor/Unsplash

You're still technically a teenager. "Teen" is in the number, but you're also an adult in your actions. It gets hard to even define your own self.

In the wise words of Britney Spears, “I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.”

5. If You Haven't Already, Now's The Time To Get A Job

You could have been lucky and never had to find a part-time job in high school but now there's absolutely no excuse. You have to start making money.

Don't even get me started on how to fill out a W2.

6. You're Not Fully Respected Like An Adult

You wish people would make up their mind, especially your parents.

You can be an adult, but you want to be respected like one. But then again, if you make a mistake, you still want to be considered a kid.

7. You're Living Independently For The First Time

Nik MacMillan/Unsplash

You're being forced to live independently for the first time, which for many means doing your own laundry, cooking real meals, and signing a lease without a credit history.

Some of these things you can't really be prepared for, but now it's pop quiz time.

8. You Can't Go Out With Older Friends

Nineteen really is an awkward age to be. You feel like you're stuck in this purgatory.

Many of the friends you're able to hang out with on the weekends fall into the very small age range of 18-20. You can't go out with your older friends because they're going to bars. You just want to be included.

You may be at the hardest year you've ever had, but don't worry, because 19 doesn't last forever. It may seem endless for the time being, but you'll eventually break free of this awkward middle ground of being a kid and an adult.

You're not alone in your misery; just know everyone goes through it.