7 Ways Drinking Green Tea Is Healthy For Your Mind, Body And Soul

by Stefani Pappas

Newsflash: You might want to start swapping out those caramel macchiatos for grande green teas.

Herbal teas have been all the rage lately. I mean, who doesn't go out of their way to stop at Teavana for the free samples? Plus, we all have that cool hipster friend who is a tea connoisseur.

Tea is the second-most consumed beverage in the world, after water.

Green tea, specifically, is made from unfermented leaves; it is known for its high antioxidant properties and compounds called catechins, which are suggested to have a fat-burning effect. Alkaloids, like caffeine, in green tea help provide a stimulant effect.

There are countless benefits of drinking green tea, so it might be worth swapping out a soda or cup of coffee for a cup of the good stuff.

Here are seven health, beauty and wellness benefits of incorporating green tea into your daily routine:

1. Calms You The F*ck Down

Who couldn't benefit from a little relaxation? You're constantly on the go, so why not relax with a soothing cup of herbal tea?

Green tea consumption has been shown to significantly reduce depression and stress levels.

recent study published in Public Health Nutrition found that participants who consume more than four cups of green tea per day have a 51 percent lower likelihood of having depressive symptoms than participants who consumed one cup a day or less.

2. Can Help You Lose Weight

If you're trying to lose a few pounds, incorporating some green tea into your day may be a good idea.

Caffeine and stimulants, like L-theanine, in green tea help suppress appetite. This can help decrease your caloric intake and increase thermogenesis, which contributes to weight loss. Green tea is also a great substitute for sugary drinks.

3. Reduces Under-Eye Circles

We all want to wake up looking perfect next to our significant others. Caffeine can help reduce the size of blood vessels and combat those dark under-eye circles.

So, after a rough night, don't just throw out the green tea bag. Instead, place the cooled bag over your closed eyes for a soothing effect.

4. Fights Bad Breath

No one likes bad breath, and the polyphenols in green tea can help to inhibit the growth of "bad breath" bacteria.

So, maybe suggest a Starbucks date with your new flame instead of grabbing garlic knots at the local pizzeria.

5. Helps Control Cholesterol

A review of research found daily green tea consumption could help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, due to those catechins.

Research in animals and humans has shown green tea can also assist in lowering LDL (aka, "bad") cholesterol levels.

6. Helps Beat A Cold

Stop stuffing tissues in your purse like a squirrel hoarding nuts. Green tea can help you ward off that awful cold you've been battling this winter.

A few compounds in green tea have been shown to play key roles in how your immune system functions. Tea is a natural sore throat remedy, and the antioxidants in green tea are great for your overall health, too.

7. Protects From Sun Damage

Green tea protects against ultraviolet-induced events, specifically skin cancer growth. The catechins in green tea may also help prevent sunburn inflammation.

This doesn't give you a free pass to bathe in the sun all day long; use sunscreen and try green tea as an extra measure to protect your skin.

The benefits of drinking green tea go on and on. Try starting your morning with a hot cup of green tea and incorporate some into your daily routine. This change could prove to benefit your health, beauty and overall well-being.