7 Must-Know Beauty Tips That Will Change Everything You Know About Makeup

by Tanvir Zafar
Paramount Pictures

It seems like everyone is going the extra mile to stay on top of beauty trends, especially in the beauty blogging age.

The thing is that every now and then, no matter how much you know (or how much you think you know) about beauty, there's always something new to learn.

With the aim of broadening your knowledge a little more, we have compiled some of the best beauty tips out there today. Some might seem obvious, some might seem strange but nevertheless, they will change the way you get ready in the morning.

Create cool waves with a cocktail of styling products.

If you desire some awesome looking and very low maintenance waves on your hair, the process is simple.

  • Dampen your hair (not too wet, not too dry. Just make it moderately damp).
  • Get a mixture of shine gel and shaping gel.
  • Thoroughly blow-dry the balm together on your palm.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair generously and in the right proportions.
  • Make an equal dissecting partition on your head and divide your hair into four or five buns (your choice, really) with a bobby pin.
  • After this, just be patient and let your hair set. After a while and when you're ready to leave, untie the buns and voila! You'll definitely be surprised by the results.

Achieve extra luminosity with your foundation.

If you're looking to achieve super dewy skin, just mix a very little amount of night cream into your foundation before applying it to your face.

This is perfect for drier climates, especially for ladies with drier skin.

Use a highlighter to create depth without having to contour.

With the help of a simple blush brush, bend a golden highlighter (or any color that offers a nice shade to your complexion) onto your skin, doing so in soft, sweeping circular motions.  This will perfectly blend it in a triangular way.

The advantage of this is that there won't be any unwanted and unnecessary highlighter strips on your cheekbones.

Simple steps to get a convincing glow.

In order to create the illusion of a natural and stunning tan, apply some contour cream on your face and top it with a sufficient amount of translucent powder. After this, simply run your cheekbones, nose and other contours with a bronzer.

Use hairspray the right way. 

Although people might not be aware of the multifaceted uses of hairspray, the effects of applying it can actually vary. It all depends on the distance or proximity from the hair on which it is sprayed.

That being said, rather than changing the amount or intensity of the hair spray you use (or even changing the spray entirely), you can simply hold it closer to your hair and you'll get a wet (or at least damp) look. When applied farther away than the usual distance, you get a more flexible finish.

Reduce the oils on your face.

This step is one which will serve useful for quite a lot of people, especially those who have extremely oily skin textures. While you are free to apply makeup on the other areas of your face, it is highly advisable to keep the region between the top of your nose all the way to your chin free of any makeup.

However, if you must put on any makeup around there, you should make sure that it's minimal and after the application, you should dab a little translucent powder over the area.

It will help in preventing the formation of oil around the general area and still maintain its aesthetic appeal and make it look beautiful.

Have more fun with your life.

By staying stress free, you're actually doing your body a lot of good. For instance, your body gets accustomed to having fun regularly and you end up looking much younger than you actually are.

Life isn't meant to be taken too seriously. You could just decide to take a little holiday or take some time off from work and enjoy life a bit. Let your hair down and have fun. It'll do your body a whole lot of good.