9 Weird Makeup Hacks That'll Keep You Looking Fierce

by Alexandra Hourigan

The makeup realm allows for so many wonderful ways of experimenting, and there are just too many to count.

The good thing is, whether you get stuck without your usual makeup supplies or you just want to try something a little bit different, there's always room to get creative.

Having some beauty hacks to pull out in a time of need is NEVER a bad thing, so here are nine bomb AF (and a little weird) hacks to keep you looking fierce:

1. Homemade Lipstick

I'm sure you've heard one-too-many recipes for homemade lipstick using ingredients you can't even pronounce.

But what if I said you only needed two ingredients that are already in your makeup bag?

All you need to do is scrape off a little of your powdered blush and mix it with any clear lip balm.

Tada! Rub the mixture on your lips, and you've got your own perfect lipstick.

2. Fake tan contour

Lets be honest: We all have those days where we wake up and can't even begin to put on a whole face of makeup.

But what about a natural contour in less than two minutes? Well, grab yourself a Kabuki brush and pump a tiny amount of self-tanner onto it.

Then, blend it into all those perfect contour spots for a fierce glow (that won't fade).

3. Brush-handle nose contour

Nowadays, it's all about looking "SNATCHED." And yes, even your nose should be looking fierce.

But hey, you don't need a nose job; you just need a brush handle.

Take the brush handle's thinner end, and place it on the center of your nose. Run a dark concealer on either side of your nose and blend.

4. Eye drops in old mascara

Your holy grail mascara is absolutely priceless.

So obviously, when you find that mascara that's too good to be true and you reach the unavoidable moment when it dries up or runs out, it's OK for your heart to break a little.

BUT FEAR NOT, DEAR FRIEND. While this hack won't create an immortal mascara, it will prolong the life of your dearly beloved.

Using any eyedrops, simply place two drops into your near-dead tube, mix with the mascara wand and it's good as new.

Be aware, the mascara will tend to be a bit more wet than normal and take longer to dry.

5. Panty-liner fallout net

Sometimes, eyeshadow fallout just happens, no matter how careful we are. So how do you get that sexy AF smoky eye without the dreaded fallout?

Women's hygiene products to the rescue!

Just grab a thin panty liner, cut in half and place it under your eye. This is the perfect way to avoid fallout and keep your shadow looking clean and crisp.

6. Sock beauty blender

Applying makeup with your hands? Big no no. Applying makeup with a brush? Never. Applying makeup with a beauty blender? So 2016.

But applying your foundation with a wet sock? Hello, beauty hack! Just give it a go, and you'll see what I mean.

7. Tampon nail polish remover

Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it.

Yes, this may be on a weirder side of hacks, but have you ever had a botched manicure, and you just couldn't wait to take that nail polish it off? But then, you realize you have no cotton balls.

Yeah, that sucks.

Rather than using tissue or a paper towel (let's be honest: those don't work), grab a trusty tampon, soak it with nail polish remover and get scrubbing, girl.

8. Sheer foundation into full coverage

There's nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on a new foundation, only to find out it's not as full coverage as you thought.

But here's your quick fix: Similar to the homemade lipstick, scrape off a small amount of powder foundation, or even bronzer, and mix it with your regular foundation.

Boom. You now have full coverage foundation any day of the week.

9. Regular face brush to contour brush

No, it's not magic; it's bobby pins.

All you need to do is find a couple of bobby pins, place them at the bottom of the bristles on your face brush and slide toward the top so the bristles form a straight line.

And there you have it: a perfectly pinched contour brush.