The 6 Types of Friends You Absolutely Need To Survive Your 20s

Being in your twenties is the perfect age to make meaningful friendships. In college and high school, most of your friends will be in the same stage of life as you. However, once you enter into the real world, things change.


Suddenly, you meet people from all walks of life -- right around the time you're separated from your old, safe group of friends.

Your twenties can be a tough time. To survive, make sure you have at least one of these friends in your life to help you survive, conquer and enjoy this transformative decade.

1. The Mentor

Guille Faingold

This friend is probably going to be a few years older and a bit wiser than you. It might be a friend found at work -- maybe a coworker who will mentor you throughout the first leg of your career.

If you're a young mom, this mentor might be a more experienced mother, who's willing to impart all of her wisdom onto you. This mentor friend might even simply fall into your lap depending on where you live.

But once you find that mentor friend, latch onto them and suck in everything he or she teaches you like a sponge. Your thirty-year-old self will thank you.

2. The Gym Buddy

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We all need a gym buddy in our life, but it's especially important to have one in our twenties.

During this stage of life, we're often strapped for time between work, social engagements, graduate school and god-knows-what- else, and it can be easy to put working out on the back-burner.

If left unchecked, not working out can turn into a lifestyle of laziness, which in turn can lead to health problems down the road.

Having a friend who actually motivates us to go for a run or go to the gym is someone we desperately need in our twenties.

3. The Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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As we all know, your twenties are the prime time for finding your significant other.

This is the friend that might eventually become your husband or wife. Yeah, that's pretty important.

There might be one of him/her in your twenties, or there might be multiple. Either way, it'll be one of the primary relationships in your life at this time.

4. The Sister-Friend

Guille Faingold

This is the friend who will stick by your side throughout all the challenges your twenties will hold.

She will cheer your spirits after that breakup. She will bring the cupcakes for your birthday party.  She will be by your side at that funeral. You'll share your secrets and your Netflix passwords and your milestones with each other.

Perhaps this friend is actually your sister or brother, or just someone who feels that way. This kind of friend is hard to come by — it requires time and effort. Still, it's the most valuable friend you can make.

5. The College Roomie

Simone Becchetti

When you're in your twenties, it feels like each day is filled with new adventures. However, don't forget about the also-great adventures you had with your BFF in college.

This the friend who knew you when you were just a scrappy little student trying to survive off of ramen and coffee. She put up with all those late night study-sessions, she saved a spot for you in the dining hall and she even brought you home and showed you off to her family.

Don't forget that person.

You may have gone your separate ways, but make plans to reunite at least once a year. Living with someone builds a crazy special bond -- it's not one you want to see vanish.

6. The High School BFF


Remember that high school friend you couldn't go a day without seeing, the first person you bragged about your first kiss to, the one who loved you at your dorkiest?

You wouldn't be who you are today without that person. Don't sweep him or her under the rug. Make time to get together every now and again to reminisce on past experiences and celebrate each other's accomplishments since then.

You may not have the extensive group of pals now as you did as a teenager, but it's pretty great to know the friends you have in your twenties will always have your back.

These people will be there for you in the decades to follow, and that's what matters most.