The 6 Things Only Stoned People Understand

by Liz Warren

Some people say Mary Jane opens your mind and helps produce the most creative, intellectual thoughts of man. Others say it just makes you speak more slowly and forget how to swallow your own spit. Regardless of whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, you have to admit that some stoners just get things that other people don’t. Here are some of those things:

1. The Princess and The Pea.

High people know that the character in this short story was high as shit when she claimed to feel a tiny object under multiple mattresses and blankets.

2. Dogs.

Ever watch a stoner stare at a dog while he chases his own tail? That’s because he truly believes the dog will succeed.

3. Pringles Containers.

If you choose Pringles over any other chip, chances are, you’re a stoner. Pringles take away the inconvenience of unclipping, unfolding, and digging into a regular chip bag. It’s a one-step program to chip world. Speaking of…

4. The term “chip world.”

This is when you are entirely consumed by eating chips. Don’t get it? You’re probably just too sober.

5. Every sentence has multiple meanings.

Not until you’re high do you realize that everything people say can be interpreted in different ways. If you really want to freak out a stoner, use the phrase “Sure.”

6. Physiology.

High people know everything about their bodies. If only they could write a book on their findings without getting distracted by other thoughts about life. Or about snacks. Or the carpet. Or anything shiny.

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