6 Things You Should Be Clearing Out Of Your Apartment This Spring

by Chelsea Briche

Let's be honest, between trying to keep a full-time job, maintain a social life and search for a soul mate, life can be a complete mess. While some of us need a bulldozer to clean up, others simply require a small Swiffer pad. How lucky we are to live in a world where some neat freak invented the idea of spring cleaning.

Whether you view the whole spring cleaning idea as complete bullsh*t or not, your life could benefit from a good scrubbing. Grab the Clorox and the cleaning gloves. Sh*t is about to go down, down the trash shoot. Here are six ways you can take spring cleaning beyond dusting off your coffee table:

1. Take or Toss

Contrary popular belief, there are worse things in life than cleaning out your closet. For most of us, the thought of parting ways with clothes we could maybe, possibly, wear in the next six months puts our anxiety through the roof. Turn on a good playlist, do some breathing exercises and get to purging. If something does not suit your evolving adult lifestyle, say farewell to it.

Yes, that applies to the crop top you wore freshman year of college and the little black dress that shows all of your goodies. Have pride in what you choose to put on your body. Rule of thumb: If you forgot you even own that piece of clothing, then that item bought itself a one-way ticket to the Goodwill pile.

2. Giving Back

Spring clean your soul. Take the shirt off your back (or from your walk-in closet) and give it to those less fortunate. You never know the difference you could be making. Anything is just a click away on Google: local charities, women's centers, homeless shelters. Do your research, and more importantly, do your part.

3. Goodbye Lover

As Taylor Swift taught us, you're just another picture to burn. Since your ex is no longer taking up any physical space in your room, now the only thing left to do is dispose of his remains. Everything from pictures to his favorite shirt that you loved to sleep in goes to the garage. You can even burn it — no judgment here.

4. The Last One Standing

Do not pretend for one second you don't have a box shoved into a corner that you have sworn time and time again you will unpack. Tell me, how long ago did you move into your place? Why on earth do you still have unpacked boxes? Your mother would be so disappointed. It will take you a matter of 10 minutes and afterward you can "celebrate" with a bottle of wine. Do whatever it takes. Stop at nothing. I believe in you.

5. Internal Cleanse

Since your closet now has space for new clothes, use that as motivation to work on your body. Daily reminder: You're not going to get the ass you want by sitting on it. Clean out all of the sh*t that is currently in your fridge. Treat yourself to a grocery cart full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Get on track for that #summerbody.

6. Poisonous People

If you need an excuse to get rid of toxic people in your life, then the notion of spring cleaning is here to save you. It's time to wave goodbye to those who do not add value to your day-to-day life. There should never be a reason to keep negative people around. Ignore people who threaten your joy. You should know that if you are cutting them off, chances are they handed you the scissors.

Spring cleaning may not be an Instagram-worthy moment, but the importance of dusting away all the physical and mental dust in your life outweighs any number of likes. I'm not suggesting you skip out on brunch, I'm just saying you should make cleaning a high priority on your “to-do” list. You'll thank yourself later.