6 Ways Kids Are Wiser Than Adults When It Comes To Living Life Right


Remember the opening scene from "Up" that made all of us bawl like babies? The movie sure made me cry harder than I did during the heart-wrenching end of "The Notebook,” anyway

I didn’t think it was possible for an animated figure to shake my emotional nerves more than Ryan Gosling’s devilishly handsome, weeping face. Yet, somewhere between puberty and paying my credit card bills, I forgot the exhilaration and uninhibited joy childhood brings with it.

While Walt Disney successfully taught life lessons through cleverly animated characters, he made us forget that the main source of inspiration for happiness, gratefulness and honesty actually comes in the form of four-foot-tall rascals.

When kids aren’t busy pooping themselves and testing their vocal chords with ear-numbing shrieks, they are masters of finding bolts of joy in the smallest of things life can offer.

Here are six things we can learn from kids and apply to our adult lives:

Stop obsessing over new things

A child can re-watch the same episode of “Sesame Street” a hundred times and hear the same bedtime story for months without complaints of repetition. Adults, on the other hand, are obsessed with acquiring the new.

Whether it’s trying a new restaurant or buying the latest iPhone, we’re all about ditching what’s old and familiar. But, we should take a note from the smaller population of the world and stop fixing what’s not broken.

Love your body and have a real relationship with food

Oh, how much money I’d pay to see babies argue over dress sizes in fitting rooms! Kids don’t give two sh*ts about the bumps and lumps on their bodies or how many calories are in 10 grapes.

They eat when they’re hungry, stop when they’re full and don’t consume empty calories by binge drinking on Friday nights.

Waste your time and enjoy doing so

Busy: It’s the word of our generation. Adults love and hate being constantly busy. However, when forced to shut down and take a breather, we complain about being bored.

Children are pros at doing nothing. We need to unapologetically waste more time and do so without guilt. New mantra from today onward: Work hard, rest harder.

Tell your parents how much you love them

In some strange rulebook of life, teenagers are seemingly mandated to repel parents and blame them for everything going wrong. But somehow, childhood is only filled with cuddles, kisses and insane amounts of affection for the two most important people in our lives.

Rather than acting all cool about not needing parents during adulthood, show them the affection they deserve.

Full commitment to whatever you do

Be it constructing a dollhouse from ground zero or doing a 1,000-piece zoo animals puzzle, the concentration with which children perform tasks they’re interested in is award-worthy.

Many kids can’t even pronounce the word “procrastinate,” let alone know what it means. If we approached our daily tasks with that much commitment, concentration and passion, imagine the level of productivity we could achieve.

Always be honest

A child will unabashedly tell you if you have spinach in your teeth, and then laugh about it, rather than your best friend, who will begrudgingly tell you after thinking long and hard about whether it will upset you.

While the laughing is unnecessary we could stand to learn from kids’ natural desire to blurt out the truth without any sugarcoating or diplomacy.

We need to stop being so insufferably tactful around each other because really, masked people who say something and feel something else are the biggest party poopers around.