6 Signs You're The Problem If Your Friendships Fell Apart When You Got A BF

Anthony Mapp/ Unsplash

Getting a new boyfriend can be exciting, but there's a chance you can get lost in the awesomeness of your relationship and leave your friendships on the back burner.

It's not always easy balancing a new flame and keeping up with deeply-rooted friendships.

Still, that is no excuse to let your friendships falter because you've got a more consistent spooning buddy. Your friends are most definitely happy for you, but that doesn't mean they won't address your lack of attention to the ones who were there before the new bae.

If you notice that your friendships are crumbling since you got boo'd up, you're probably exhibiting a few of these friendship ruining signs.

1. You Ditch Plans With Friends, Often

It's understandable. Balancing time between different spheres of relationships can be troubling, but you can't forget about the little people. Friends were there before the bae, and they'll be there during and possibly after you're done with this one.

2. You Forget To Catch Up And Talk

Girl talk is essential, but it's easy to lose sight of that when you're spending so much time with a person you really like. Not reconnecting with your girls is detrimental to any friendship.

3. You Only Talk About Your BF When You Do Chat

This is so nauseating. Of course, there's gonna be a slight convo about how things are going with your boyfriend, but the entire meet-up shouldn't revolve around him. Remember when we used to just talk anything? Let's go back to that.

4. You Revolve All Of Your Time Around Your Bae

Forget Pamela Anderson, you've conformed into your own bae watch. When everything you do revolves around your boyfriend, it's time to reevaluate your life. You were an individual before your relationship, remember?

5. You Don't Listen To Their Single Problems

Not sure why we get out of a certain segment of our relationship status and act like we should never look back. You were single once and most likely talking to your friends about it. So, why flip the script and ignore the singledom woes because you're boo'd up. Not fair.

6. Your Friends Distance Themselves From You

Maybe you haven't noticed but your friends have stopped reaching out and don't put in the energy to try and hang out anymore. Sooner or later, your friends will get the hint that you clearly can't juggle them and your boyfriend and so they'll stop trying to be your friend. No one wants that.

Don't let having a new boyfriend take a toll on your friendships. Boyfriends are a lot more disposable than a good pack of girl friends. Sorry not sorry.