5 Ways In Which Obama Believes Gen-Y Runs The World

by Arohie Chopra
Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel sneakily pointed out in his #LieWitnessNews that not everyone is aware of President Barack Obama's itinerary. Hardy har har.

Yet, I can almost guarantee 3 million American Indians tuned in to hear Obama's speech at India's Republic Day Celebrations.

It felt like a political leader finally understood Generation-Y and was representing us. Between the spurts of sugarcoating, there were a few darts that hit straight for bulls-eye.

He talked about opportunities, obstacles, diversities and unity, but through it all, the common theme was, "our youth."

He posed the question and shared the answers of what can happen if two of the world's largest democracies created a partnership, and let me just say, the future is bright!

Being a diehard Chetan Bhagat fan, all I could think was, #Revolution2020 is in the works.

1. American Dreamin'

Both India and America strive to provide equal opportunities for success to each individual.

Obama highlighted middle-class economics in his State of The Union Address. Yes, hard work is required to achieve financial security, but things like education, apprenticeship opportunities, affordable student loans, jobs, etc., are required so we have a chance to abolish the income disparity.

2. Die Rich Or Die Tryin'

India has been a key player in leading the way to end the injustice of extreme poverty. The country's solution is clear: education and equal opportunities for all. Yet, when will the general public adopt the same mentality and realize ALL includes WOMEN?

In America, having a stay-at-home parent is considered a luxury, and justifiably so when you combine a minimum wage salary with high mortgage premiums. Obama pointed out the necessity of gender equality and creating a safe environment for our women.

A country's global economy can never flourish if it continues to ignore half of its population's potential!

3. Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

When I think about a big American house, lined with many cars in the driveway or a beautiful American showroom, fully lit, way after closing time, all I can think of is energy consumption.

Limited natural resources, global warming, rising seas and the environment fighting back are all scientific facts, not conspiracy theories.

Obama continues to encourage investing in local grown and manufactured products, resulting in reducing our collective carbon footprint. Yes, designing smart cities with electricity and modern day infrastructures, airports, roads, etc. are important for India's fortune, but we still have to start with the basics.

Clean air and clean water are everyone's birth right.

4. Only God Can Judge Me

India and America still struggle with terrorism and public security. A world that uses Gandhi-esque peaceful methods to resolve disputes is not only a desire of Miss USA Nia Sanchez. We all want a world without nuclear weapons.

North Americans, just like a big bag of marbles, come in various sizes, colors and molecular compositions. Our personal journies can never be duplicated, however, can you confirm you have two ears, two eyes, one nose and one mouth? Yes? Well see, we are all the same!

India deals with the same diversity. Each religion and culture has its distinct opinions and views that are most often contradictory, and you know what? That's okay! That is the beauty of our world.

We might have opposing views, but we still need to continue respecting each other, regardless. Freedom means the right to choose remains in the hands of the individual.

5. Run This Town

Although we haven't really achieved George Jetson status, it's unbelievable how our world has changed since Y2K. The President of the United States of America has begun seeing value in coding, digital innovation and the Internet. He has put his full faith in the youth to lead us to the ever-so-mysterious "future."

The majority of India's population is under the age of 35. What does that mean? That means the power is now in our hands.

Generation-Y entrepreneurs have created jobs that didn't even exist a decade ago, and they are solving the problem of overeducated and underemployed Millennials.

We should collaborate in our efforts to unravel other major issues, like hunger, poverty, human trafficking, etc. Let us play a positive role in shaping our world!

Gender equality, sexual orientation and human dignity are all our responsibility now, and for once, I can calmly release a deep breath because I trust you — all of you — to make informed decisions and educate those around you in mature and loving manners.

Meditate on that tonight!