5 Friendships Every Millennial Should Cherish In Their Coming-Of-Age

by Alex Schnee

Our generation is constantly in touch with one another. We are never too far from talking with our peers.

But, there are other kinds of friendships that also matter — and they may or not be ones in which you can simply text when you want to get together at night.

These surprising friendships can mean a lot.

Here are five unexpected friendships that can make a big impact on your life:

1. A grandparent

Just because a person might not know what Snapchat is doesn’t mean a friendship with someone of an older generation isn’t worthwhile. In fact, this person can make for one of your most valuable friendships because he or she has seen multiple generations before yours.

Grandparents lived before cell phones were glued to hands; they have witnessed wars members of Generation-Y have never had to face.

Not only do grandparents offer perspective that other relationships can’t, they also share these perspectives with you.

Nothing is better than some good advice from your grandmother, after all.

2. Someone who shares absolutely none of your interests

It’s always surprising when you develop a friendship with someone who shares none of your interests.

You like baseball, while he or she can’t stand it. She wants to go out and party; you’d rather stay in with a good book and a glass of wine. He’s a Republican; you’re a staunch Democrat.

Having someone in your life who looks at things from a different perspective can open your mind to ideas you might have never had.

It can make you more empathetic and understanding of those who might have grown up with different lifestyles, too.

3. The frenemy

We all had one growing up; that person who ran in your circle but who you secretly could not stand. She was the Queen B to your Destiny’s Child, and he was the Justin Timberlake to your *NSYNC.

Somehow, though, he or she always seemed to have it a little bit more together than you. Or, everyone seemed to like him or her just a little bit more.

Though this person may drive you crazy, you can also learn some valuable lessons from having to deal with someone you dislike. (We do have to face the adult world at some point or another.)

4. A teacher

This doesn’t have to be a teacher from your personal academic background. Maybe it was a coach who helped you work on your throwing game or a piano teacher who watched as you perfected your skills.

But, having an authority figure who wants to see you succeed can push you to become a better person.

You'll want to work harder and accomplish more when you have someone cheering you on. With time, you'll also come to understand that the authority figures to whom you once looked up are people, too. They’ve had their disappointments and their triumphs, as well.

You can learn from them and implement their plans for success into your own life.

5. Someone you know you will never see again

Oftentimes, we think of friendships as long-lasting, but we’ve all had those people whom we thought would become our BFFs, and then, they let us down. Every now and then, we need to have friendships that are convenient.

Maybe you have a roommate with whom you click with immediately, but after living with the person for a few months, you’re a little disillusioned.

Friendships come and go, but the ones who go are important parts of discovering who we are and what is important to us in relationships with others.