5 Reasons Why Millennials Might Actually Be Self-Entitled

by Ashley Kowalewski

It’s no surprise that Gen-Y is one of the most disliked generations -- especially to the Baby Boomers, who still have to work alongside us, knowing soon enough we're going to be carrying on their legacy without them.

We’re also the generation that is perpetually depressed about pretty much everything, even though many of us grew up with helicopter parents, bottomless toy boxes and expensive post-secondary education. 

This doesn't necessarily describe every 20-something out there. If you own your own place or are paying rent, making them dolla, dolla, bills and living the adult life, then you are an anomaly and shouldn’t be reading this article because... who the hell are you? (Kidding. You rock!)

Here's why, for the most part, Gen-Y believes the world should be handed to us on a silver platter:

1. We were raised to think we’re all special and unique.

When we were given ribbons and trophies for merely participating in and sucking at sports, we were made to think that we’re all amazing and without a doubt going to go on to do great things. The fact is, we’re not.

Many post-grads are discovering that they aren't special, but rather, they're just like every other 20-something out there looking for a job, scraping by or living with their parents.

Yes, you are unique and you do have something to offer this world, but so does everyone else. For now, you’re just another partially employed, over-indulged 20-something. Sorry.

2. We went to college, so we think we automatically deserve a job.

We get useless degrees thinking it will grant us legit jobs once we’ve graduated school, only to find out that no one cares if you have a degree in English or Global Studies -- or that you have a degree at all.

Since we went through the motions of college, we feel as though we've automatically earned a job just because we have that stupid and expensive piece of paper that says we graduated.

Of course, it matters a little bit because you still need those credentials to get a job, but it’s what you do after you graduate that matters more.

3. We’re narcissistic.

We invented selfies, for crying out loud! Enough said.

4. We get depressed and stressed very easily.

Not to say mental health should be anything to laugh at -- it’s actually a very serious thing and we should treat it as such -- but the fact is that our expectations aren’t on par with our reality and that negatively effects us.

We expect to come out of college with our degrees (see #2), get these high-paying jobs, buy fancy clothes and essentially live the proverbial dream.

In reality, most of us graduate, keep our college part-time jobs at overpriced coffee shops and work several unpaid internships before finally realizing it’s going to be a while (for most of us) before we get “real” jobs. With benefits. And solid paychecks.

But when this reality doesn’t measure up with our expectations of what we deserve or think we’re going to get, we go into a tailspin of depression. Remember, lower expectations = less depression.

5. We think we deserve more than we actually do.

Are you living on your own, paying your own mortgage with zero debt, have savings and a solid, secure paycheck?

If you answered no to any of those, you don’t deserve to go on vacation or buy that new dress. You don’t deserve as much of it as you think you do. Treats are nice once in a while, but if you're making room on your credit card just to go buy something else, you need to recalculate your priorities.

Sure, you work for your money; so do I. But so long as I still have debt, am living in my parent's basement and not actively saving for my future, I really don’t need that shirt. I want it. I really, really do. That shade of coral goes perfectly with my skin tone, but I definitely don’t need it.

I need to save and I need to pay off my credit cards. I don’t deserve a break until I’m 50 and have hustled to the top for the last 30 years, and that's a fact.

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