5 Non-Basic Ways To Celebrate Fall And Take Advantage Of The Weather

Fall is upon us! Fall is the perfect time to bundle up, cuddle up and start showing up to holiday festivities. Is it too early to be thinking about Halloween? I think not!

We know how much you enjoy those PSLs, but what are some other activities that you can enjoy this fall? Consider these non-mainstream ideas:

1. Host a fall gathering.

Sure, you can have a bonfire and s'mores, but think about other possibilities as well. Invite a group of friends over to your place and host a chill get-together where everyone can relax, eat some snacks and enjoy the season we are in.

Bonus idea: If you want to entertain your guests, turn on a fall or Halloween related movie. That way, even if the conversation dies down, there is something else other than silence to focus on.

2. Do some fall cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a term we toss to the side here. Think about fall cleaning. When you are getting out any seasonal decorations or clothes, ask yourself what you don't need anymore, and consider donating those items to a local shelter or charity.

Bonus idea: Head to the pantry or grocery store and grab some canned food items to bring along with you. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, along with daily needs that must met as well, the organizations you donate to will truly be appreciative.

3. Start thinking about wish lists.

I know, I know, I brought up gift-giving before Halloween has hardly even been considered. Stay with me, though! Whenever it gets closer to the holiday season, it can be easy to feel rushed whenever a friend or family member asks what you want for the holidays.

Instead of waiting until you are asked, go ahead and create a list of things you might want on your phone or laptop. That way, whenever you are asked, you can look at the list you created and go from there.

Bonus idea: List items that range in price that way you don't end up having to tell your friends that you want a television. Instead, think about what would be more budget friendly for them, while of course staying true to your desires.

4. Get your exercise on.

It's hard to make an excuse about the temperature being too hot outside to go on a jog or walk at this point of the year. Consider going for a stroll in a scenic part of town or going on a bike ride through the city. You can even invite a friend! Exercise does not have to be exhausting.

Bonus idea: Go walk for 30 minutes before dinner whenever the weather is nice and cool. This will give you a moment to debrief from the day, whether you were at work or school.

5. Do some research.

How many of us actually know the origins of the traditions we celebrate around this time of the year? Knowing the origins of the holidays we look forward to all year long will make the celebrations that much more exciting. Take the time to research why we do what we do and you will walk away with a better appreciation for the traditions that we still participate in.

Bonus idea: Tell a friend about what you learned. Sharing is caring.

These are just a couple of ideas to make this season the best time of the year thus far. For extra fun, check out this mini fall to-do list:

- Bake some treats - Attend a football game - Go to a state fair or carnival - Get crafty - Spend time with family and friends - Have a fall photo shoot - Spend time outdoors