4 Things Mommy And Daddy Taught You Wrong


Parents utilize various different tactics to mold their children into the people they want them to become while offering their two cents in the process.

They give us their advice with good intentions, but they aren't always right, and we are the ones who have to suffer for it.

I believe no matter what they try to do, they will always screw us up in some way. Whether they want you to be super happy and spoil you to death, making you completely unappreciative of everything or they try to make you tough to the point where you just end up resenting them; there's just no way parents can raise their children perfectly.

There are definitely a few things that our parents drilled in to our heads that probably ended up causing years of unnecessary emotional toil. They spewed their propaganda into our innocent, susceptible minds to the point that we bought into it; only to learn the hard way when we realized mommy and daddy didn't have a damn clue what they were talking about.

But hey, we can't get mad at them; they are only human, and in the end, learning the hard way is sometimes the most effective way to learn. Too bad most of what they preach only leads to confusion and suffering. Here are 5 examples:

1.) "Your dreams are silly; just go to school and get a good job."

This is by far the most damaging sack of lies on earth. I wonder how many children lost faith in their own aspirations and just did exactly what mommy and daddy told them to do; only to grow up and resent them for the rest of their life. Probably most of humanity.

Little did these parents know that many people who changed the world are multi-millionaires who were high school or college drop-outs. The old "go to school" adage is not only ridiculous, but also counterproductive to some.

This fear-based belief teaches children that their innate desires and abilities are no match for the outside world, thus training them to give up in the face of adversity. This is why there are only a few of us who ever break free from our fears and end up pursuing our dreams.

With that being said, don't let ANYONE tell you that your dreams are silly and that you need to go to school instead of pursuing them. Money can be made in millions of different ways. You don't need some piece paper that will put you 200k in the hole and force you to work like a slave to pay off the student loans.

The truth is, in America, the entrepreneurial spirit reigns supreme. It is always the most profitable, yet riskiest endeavor, and only a person who has complete faith in their abilities can make it as an entrepreneur.

That is why this harmful programming destroys millions of could-be entrepreneurs when it teaches kids that conformity is the best way because it's the safest. Only those who follow their dreams are the ones who will truly get what they want, while the rest, programmed by their parents, will live the life of a paid slave.

2.) "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all."

This is another load of crap. This trains little children to be afraid to speak their minds and allows others to get away with stupidity.

Sometimes the truth hurts and it won't seem "nice" to the other person, but if one doesn't speak truth, then they side with falsehood and everybody loses.

What our parents should have just told us not to make fun of people and left it at that. This would have taught their children not to use words to purposely hurt others while still allowing their child to stand up and voice their opinion.

The effect of this brainwashing is evident today when you see a society of timid, soft-spoken people who won't even call a spade a spade because someone might not like the truth.

This is a result of their confidence having been stripped away when they were indirectly taught to conform. These people are afraid to speak their minds and always seek to avoid confrontation so they don't hurt other people's feelings.

The truth is, if everyone is lying to each other by avoiding the elephant in the room, no one wins. I say, if you want to say something, say it; as long as it is on the side of truth and it's how you truly feel. If it offends someone else, that's THEIR problem not yours. You have a right to speak your mind at all times, and don't ever let others tell you believe otherwise.

3.) Be "nice" to girls and they will like you.

This insanity has stripped small boys of their tough skin and has prepared them to be butchered by man-eaters across the globe. The kids who buy into this nonsense grow up trying to please women all their lives instead of trying to establish a stable, and healthy lifestyle to ensure a prosperous future.

And if they somehow manage to make tons of money, they will end up being sucked dry by an evil succubus who will feed off their weak beta male minds until they are literally their slaves.

Time and time again, these misguided souls run around sweet talking strangers and trying to buy drinks for people who haven't even earned their trust. They get into unbalanced relationships with insecure, unstable women who manipulate these men of good will until they have no use for them any longer.

These men supplicate their manhood in hopes that their dominate female master feeds them the table scraps they are begging for, until eventually some poor guy's heart is shattered to pieces and left to suffer on his own when she runs off with a real man.

The truth is, women don't need to be pampered like princesses or bowed down to because of their beauty; no, no. Women are looking for a man that will lead and protect them; not one who will shower them will gifts and chop off his own balls in order to make her happy, especially if she's done nothing to deserve it.

If you go out of your way and try to win women's approval by supplicating your manhood, they will not respect you and you will lose. Be nice to women who DESERVE  it after they have PROVEN themselves worthy of your time, energy, and trust.

4.) Don't question your parents.

This is exactly how brainwashed zombies are made. How the hell is a kid going to learn if he or she doesn't question authority? All you have to do is take a look around you and see that you are surrounded by mindless "sheeple" who believe anything any authority figures tells them to believe without question.

This is due to the obvious fact that children are raised to believe that mommy and daddy are always right. Parents are the first authority figures that people are exposed to in their lives and are therefore the most influential.

As one is conditioned not to question mommy and daddy no matter what, this programming eventually extends to all authority figures in one's life, leading to the eventual loss of all independent thought.

The truth is one should question EVERYTHING, even "God." The human mind is a computer that needs to ask questions about the world around it to learn. Questioning things is a natural process and it allows one to gain different perspectives on important matters so they can develop their own opinions and belief systems.

If one is told not to question something, it strips them of their ability to assess the situation freely and they become mental prisoners of a dogma that will only bring disappointment and regret.

You should ALWAYS question everything your life; no matter how politically incorrect or how "sinful" it may be. People who are telling you not to question something usually are hiding something from you. The truth does not fear questioning.

In order to reverse this damage, you must break free from anything that you feel is not aligned with who you truly are, regardless of what others may say or do in response.

It's not easy to undo decades of indirect fear-based mind control, but it is possible, and it will mean the ultimate freedom from the shackles of the "original sins"(limiting beliefs) of one's parents.

Keep in mind that your parents are human too, and they aren't perfect. I am sure they meant well and did what they thought was their best, so if you have any tension towards them because of your life's miseries, I suggest you drop it just so you can move forward.

Remember that you are the only person who is responsible for creating your future. Take control of your life as an adult; focus on the now because the rest is history.

Angelo Gage | Elite.