31 'F*ckups' You Make In Your 20s That Actually Mean You're Killing It

by Gigi Engle

I think we can all agree that being in your 20s makes you feel like you're a constant f*ckup. We’re dancing on tables instead of owning the boardroom. We’re out socializing instead of getting enough sleep.

We need our parents to guarantee our leases instead of settling for a “typical" job that provides us with a healthy paycheck to venture out on our own.

The good news, guys, is that we all feel like this. We all feel like we’re doing everything completely wrong, irreparably messing up our lives and our futures.

But even though you may feel like a colossal screw-up... you aren’t, kid. You’re actually really killing it. I know -- I know -- that sounds crazy, especially when you can barely sit still long enough to make a buck... or when you’re collecting more Tinder horror stories than making actual connections.

The thing is, that's what makes your 20s your 20s! This time in our lives is literally about f*cking up. It’s about learning and figuring out who you are and what you want out of life.

None of us know what we’re doing, and that is a good thing! I swear.

Here are 31 things you think you’re f*cking up in your 20s -- but that actually mean you’re kicking ass.

1. Getting f*cked up every weekend.

You may be drinking the weekend away, but these are the last years when this behavior will be acceptable. Embrace them.

2. Your crippling inability to save any money.

You're not saving money; you're investing in experiences. Experiences are priceless.

3. Your poor choices in men.

You need to kiss A LOT of frogs to find a prince.

4. The fact that you keep going on Tinder dates.

All of those bad Tinder dates make for AMAZING stories.

5. Being single while everyone else is getting engaged.

You don’t need to be engaged in your twenties; you need to be figuring out who YOU are.

6. Living in a sh*tty apartment.

Living in a sh*tty apartment teaches you how to live in the real world.

7. Your perpetually chipped manicure.

You’re too busy creating with your hands to groom them.

8. Having no f*cking idea what is happening in the world.

You can’t waste time reading the news when you’re out making memories.

9. Asking your parents for money.

Free money is free money. You’ll pay them back when you’re taking care of them when they’re old AF.

10. Still sitting at the kids' table at family dinners.

The adults are f*cking boring, anyway.

11. Being hungover more days than not.

You’re living your life, and you should NOT have to apologize for that.

12. Having no appreciation of “culture.”

Just because you don’t like the opera and classical music doesn’t mean you’re some inbred heathen from the bayou. Sorry, Mom, but Jay Z is a poet.

13. Your Seamless order history.

Look, drunk you made it home to order that burger ... so, good for you.

14. NOT being pregnant.

You don’t need a baby; you need a career you love. Have babies later.

15. You still need guarantors.

If you’re pursuing your passion, the money will eventually follow.

16. The fact that you’ve made a dent in your couch.

Hey, it means you’re taking time to relax. You need that rejuvenation.

17. Experimenting with horrendous outfits.

Maybe you're horrified by old photos, but they mean that you were bold. Look you now! You developed a personal style because of your phases.

18. Bringing lunch because you’re too poor to buy it.

You’re learning how to cook! That’s a skill!

19. Your Netflix addiction (on your dad's account).

Netflix documentaries are very informative. You’re literally learning.

20. Never being able to stay in one place for very long.

Now is the time to spread your wings and fly. Settle down later.

21. When you spend money on shoes instead of food.

You’re building a wardrobe. Food is for now; shoes are forever.

22. Using dry shampoo instead of taking actual showers.

Shampoo is bad for your hair anyway. Your hair is glossier and shiner because of it.

23. Sending nudes over snap chat.

You’re breaking down barriers. You shouldn't have to hide your nudes. You should not be ashamed!

24. Completely falling apart.

Falling apart is a learning experience. It’s good for your health.

25. Getting drunk on work nights.

You’re too young to be already boring.

26. Having a LOT of one-night stands.

Honestly, get it, girl. All your wifed-up friends say they're judging you, but they are JEALOUS.

27. Losing touch with some of your friends.

Some people just weren’t meant to be in your life forever. It’s really okay.

28. Having an iPhone that looks like it survived a war.

A cracked iPhone screen is just a metaphor for your crazy, carefree life!

29. Not getting enough sleep.

You can sleep when you’re dead. Stop stressing out about not sleeping enough.

30. Having zero sense of direction.

Google Maps. You don’t need to have a sense of direction just because Dad says so.

31. Being able to quote Kanye more than Dylan Thomas.

Whatever. Kanye is the best. Hip-hop is the best.