28 Things You Finally Understood After Smoking Weed

by Lauren Martin

Weed is one of those things that changes your life. Not in the way that heroin, crystal meth or even alcohol does, but in a way that expands and opens your mind for the better.

From the first (or second) time you light up, your life is forever changed as you are introduced to an array of truths that you never saw or understood before.

Like a child continuously introduced to new things, you are reborn again, seeing things in a new light. You are re-educated as everything you thought you knew, liked and understood is thrown out the window.

Music you never understood before becomes the sound of the gods, food you never thought about becomes gourmet meals and all those hints and weird little things you never picked up on before suddenly become so clear.

You finally understand why your brother’s eyes were always red during dinner and why your sister always took empty Gatorade bottles out of the recycling bins.

You understand the real meaning of "SpongeBob" and are suddenly extremely attracted to Arnold in “Hey Arnold!.” The world is once again your oyster and your life continues to open up like a beautiful nug.

1. Why people love Jimi Hendrix.

2. Cartoon Network.

3. "Pulp Fiction," "The Big Lebowski" and "Alice In Wonderland."

4. What all those festivals are for.

5. Why your brother’s apple had those holes in it.

6. Why Ben & Jerry’s is made in Vermont.

7. Why it’s cheaper to buy in bulk.

8. Why those guys had so many empty Gatorade bottles in their car.

9. Febreze.

10. Those dancing bears…

11. Allergies don’t give you that kind of red eyes.

12. Lava lamps.

13. The smell.

14. Why your parents followed Bob Marley on tour.

15. Professional surfers.

16. Bean bags weren’t made for children.

17. Those plants in your friend’s dad’s garage aren’t oregano bushes.

18. That glass pipe your sister made in ceramics class isn’t for dad’s birthday.

19. The myth of the white lighter.

20. Food is more important than you thought.

21. Walt Disney really was a genius.

22. Bongs break just like glass does.

23. Grinders aren’t a type of sandwich.

24. Why you need to know how many grams are in an ounce.

25. What those kids with the hula hoops are doing in Central Park every weekend.

26. Why everyone loves Quentin Tarantino.

27. Why everyone hates Miley Cyrus.

28. People who don’t smoke are usually the ones with the problem.