Baby, What's Your Sign?: 26 Signs That You're Obsessed With Your Horoscope

by Marenah Dobin

Many of us occasionally read our horoscopes in the back of a fashion magazine or newspaper, but some of us seek out the information more regularly and with more enthusiasm.

Do you have a casual interest in horoscopes or do you have a potentially unhealthy fixation on predicting the future? If you relate to any of the following circumstances, it may be a sign that you’re obsessed with your sign:

1. You have multiple horoscope apps on your phone.

2. These apps are organized in an “Astrology” folder to make them more easily accessible.

3. You read your horoscope as part of your daily ritual.

4. You are eager for the start of a new week, month or year because it means you have new, extended horoscopes to read and overanalyze.

5. You are amazed when your horoscope is so right, no matter how vague it may be. “Wow. I really am open to learning something new and important today.”

6. You compare and contrast the horoscopes from different sources and you have one astrologer you trust more than others.

7. At some point, you questioned whether you actually fulfilled your destiny as a Virgo or whether you just subliminally changed your behavior to line up with your horoscope. Either way, you trust your forecasted horoscope because it ended up being so right… again.

8. You have put off making important decisions like signing a lease, planning a trip or having a conversation with your boss based on astrological advice.

9. No matter how tacky it is, you’re not at all offended when someone asks you what your sign is at the bar. This is information will be useful to you at some point, anyway. You might as well get it out in the open.

10. You believe that it is important to check zodiac compatibility before you let things get too serious in the love department.

11. You have used a zodiac compatibility chart or app to determine how well your sign matches up with another’s sign, romantically.

12. That other person, whose sign you have researched, could be your actual boyfriend, a one-time hookup or even someone three cubicles away, to whom you’ve barely ever spoken.

13. After a breakup, you have reflected and said something to the extent of, “He is a Leo, so of course we were not compatible. I should have known this from the very beginning.”

14. You have shrugged and said, “I’m a ________(sign)” as a justification for any questionable behavior.

15. You have assessed other people’s behaviors based on their signs, summing them up with conclusions like “that’s such an Aquarius thing to say.”

16. You love your favorite celebrities even more when you find out that they have the same sign as you.

17. You have scoffed at celebrities you can’t stand for “misrepresenting your sign.”

18. You instantly love any song that mentions your zodiac sign. You scream out the line that mentions it, as if it’s a personal shout out to you every time, no matter where you are or who you’re with.

19. You have paid actual money for a reading. Whether you forked over money in private to download an app or gone to an in-person reading, you have wanted — and taken — more than the standard forecast.

20. You have exchanged contact information with a local psychic or astrologer.

21. You have turned to a psychic for life advice and shared more about your personal problems with her than with a real friend.

22. You have purchased and read astrology books.

23. You are more than familiar with terms like “cusp signs,” “fixed signs” and “retrograde,” even sprinkling them in everyday conversation.

24. You have bought zodiac-themed items, including jewelry, mugs and t-shirts, with no shame.

25. You can easily find the astrology emojis on your phone and have added them to corresponding phone contacts.

26. You already have, or have at least considered, getting a zodiac tattoo.

The most telltale sign that you are obsessed with your sign? You read every single point in this list. Maybe many of them sound familiar because it's not the first time you've been called out for your astrology fixation.

You have (reluctantly) admitted that many of these apply to you. Still, you're not at all surprised or offended because it is just so characteristic of your zodiac sign.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr