25 Things Every 90s Girl Misses

by Ally Batista

Generation Y is currently undergoing an identity crisis of sorts. We all love living as adults, but every day we long to be a child growing up in the 90s again. Everyday I see a new reminiscent 90s list pop up and, honestly, I can read them for days.

I figured I’d make my own version of a reminiscent 90s list, but make it specifically for us females. Here are 25 of the 90s best fashion/hair/makeup/ accessories/toys for females:

Tattoo Chokers


Hard Candy Nail Polish


Curly Shoelaces/Keds


Friendship Bracelets






Candy Necklaces


Toe Rings


Stretchy Platform Sandals


Snap Hair Clips






Butterfly Clips


Gelly Roll Pens


Fashion Plates


Best Friends Necklaces


Barbie Fashion Designer CD-Roms


Jelly Bracelets


Pocket Locker


Slap Bracelets




T-Shirt Rings


Roll-On Body Glitter


See-Through Phones



Photo Credit: Getty Images