20 Struggles Only People Addicted To Working Out Will Understand

by Stefani Pappas

No pain, no gain. If you are a self-proclaimed workout addict, then you identify with exercising regularly because it’s just an instrumental part of your life.

However, there are certain things that can really push your buttons when you're just trying to get a good workout in:

1. When Fellow Gym Goers Think You’re Friends

"Listen bro, just because we both like to work out and happen to go to the gym at the same time every day doesn’t mean we're besties."

When you're at the gym, you're just trying to work out and do your own thing. You have headphones in for a reason.

2. When Fellow Gym Goers Hit On You

Sure, you both like to exercise, but how does that make the two of you soul mates? If interested, you'll obviously let the other party know.

3. When Everyone Hits The Gym For The New Year

It’s awesome that people re-evaluate their health and resolve to exercise, but the surge of people taking up your workout space is sometimes ridiculous. While you're definitely really happy for them, this is your territory.

4. When Everyone Hits The Gym Pre-Spring Break

All of a sudden, everyone thinks they’re the next Shaun T. You literally live at the gym, and these people are invading your special space.

5. When “That Guy” Won’t Stop Grunting

Dude, you like to work out, we get it, but everyone can do without the constant grunting and sounds. Are you strong? Yes. Are you obnoxious? Yes. Are you full of yourself? Yes.

Just stop, please.

6. When People Don’t Put Back The Plates

Sometimes, you get OCD because the gym is your second home. You just want people to put the stupid plates back and keep it clean so everyone can have easy workouts.

7. When People Hog Machines

You're all paying for a membership here, and you just want people to educate themselves on the proper gym etiquette for goodness sake. You want people to get in their workouts, but can't stand it when they hog the rower for an hour.

8. When The Hotel You Stay At Doesn’t Have A Gym

You’d like to not completely derail your workout efforts on vacation. I mean, you're paying enough for this hotel as it is.

9. When Your Calves Are Too Muscular For Skinny Jeans

#thestruggle, enough said.

10. When Strangers Criticize You For Working Out

First off, they don't even know you. Second, sorry for prioritizing health. Third, why does this stranger even care?

11. When People Criticize You For Working Out On Holidays

Everyone will be stuffing their faces during the holidays, so at least you’ll be able to stuff your face even more since you actually burned some calories today.

12. When People Think You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands

You don’t find the time to work out, you MAKE the time to work out. You have a really busy schedule and don’t appreciate condescending comments that imply you have nothing else to do.

13. When People Don’t Understand Why You Want To Eat Healthy If You Already Work Out

You live life with 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent exercise. You would like for all of your hard work to actually be seen on your body, which is why you make healthy efforts in all aspects of life.

14. When People Make Plans To Come To The Gym With You, But Back Out

You love to help inspire your friends and family to exercise and get pumped up when they want to come to the gym with you. But, it’s so disappointing when they back out because you  know they would like it if they just gave it a chance.

15. When You Don’t Have Time To Shower Post-Workout

You lost track of time and have to meet a friend after your sweaty workout. You pull yourself together, but your sweat starts to dry. You feel absolutely gross and start to get the chills.

16. When You Can’t Move Your Legs After Leg Day

You annihilated your legs at the gym, and you can’t even sit on the toilet the next day.

17. When Friends Just Want To Chit-Chat At The Gym

You have a busy schedule and your time is precious. You really do love your friends, but the gym is not the time for social hour. They can text you if they want to make plans, but seriously, you are in the zone right now.

18. When New People Take Your Spin Bike

There aren’t assigned seats, but you get pretty pissed when a newbie takes your coveted spot in cycling class. That’s your bike! Riding on any other bike just isn’t the same.

19. When People Talk On The Phone At The Gym

This chick is talking on the phone and not even moving, and you have things to do. Can’t she take this call outside? You’re trying to work out here.

20. When “That Guy” Hogs All The Dumbbells

Does he really need a set of 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s? Take what you need when you’re working out, but don’t hog all the weights.