18 People On The Internet Who Legit Have Zero Clue What A Solar Eclipse Is

by Julia Guerra

I would generally consider myself well informed regarding what's going on in the world as far as politics go, but when it comes to science you can forget about it. Unless legitimately every media outlet is blowing up over the oddities and sporadic miracles of our solar system, I couldn't tell you what's going on in that area of news. That being said, however, what I don't understand is how, despite all the recent coverage, not everyone knows what a solar eclipse is, and these solar eclipse tweets prove it.

If you've recently gone on a hard social media hiatus or ignore newscasters like the plague, here's the Sparknotes version of what's happening this afternoon. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon shuffles between Earth and the sun, turning day to night. While it's not exactly a rare occurrence (the last and longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century took place on July 22, 2009), it's still history in the making, and you don't want to miss out if you can help it.

While some people believe solar eclipses to be spiritual events that mark a fresh beginning (or fateful end), others focus on the scientific meaning behind them by acknowledging nature taking its fascinating course. And then there's the alternative.

For example, some people simply have no interest in or understanding of the solar hype.

Oh, OK, cool. Own it, bro.

Looking directly into the sun during the solar eclipse can literally burn your eyes, potentially blinding you. The solar eclipse also turns daytime into nighttime. There are also tons of spiritual manifestations that can be had during this time. It can even affect your pets! Zero impact? I don't think so.

As a loyal subject of Queen Khaleesi, I can wholeheartedly admit that a real-life solar eclipse is way cooler than an episode of GOT (but seriously Sunday night's episode was craziness).

As far as Krispy Kreme is concerned, it doesn't really matter if everyone is interested in the solar eclipse. Everyone is always into donuts.

Yeah, kind of.

The man's got a point. Pics or it didn't happen. Just make sure to protect your pupils!

While some people either a) don't understand the effects the solar eclipse can have on your eyes, or b) think it's some sort of joke.

I highly advise against that.

OK, look at the solar eclipse with glasses. How's that for reverse psychology?

That's definitely not the way it works, friend.

Face palm.

Superhero fables are fiction. Fiction.

No. Just no.

And FYI, the solar eclipse has nothing to do with vampires, werewolves, Bella, or Stephenie Meyers.

LOL good one.

That's definitely one way to celebrate.

Context clues, friend.

Not going to lie, though, that's quite the coincidence.

But despite the humor, there are valid questions being asked about what a solar eclipse entails.

Both humans and animal eyes can burn by looking directly at the sun during the solar eclipse.

As long as you don't look directly into the sun, you should be fine. If you don't trust yourself not to look, stay inside with the shades drawn.