The 15 Things You Can Buy With Your College Tuition

While aspiring doctors and lawyers certainly need a fundamental skill set to reach the pinnacle of their profession, there are a lot of attainable lifestyles that truly don't require a college degree.

With college tuition skyrocketing and traditional career paths looking as boring as ever, we can certainly suggest some amazing ways to blow $150,000. Our message is not to be misinterpreted.

For those of you who have been contented by and have found true value in your college experience, we envy you. For those of you who found yourselves in more YOLO moments and can't actually remember the names of any overpriced text books you were forced to purchase, we feel for you.

College is a great experience when you're actually enriching your life's goals. But oftentimes, it becomes a rat race to the finish line in order to find the quickest route to making mommy and daddy proud.

FAFSA couldn't catch you if they tried. If you want to blow a hundred and a half thousand dollars, check out these ways to really get some unforgettable experiences:

7 matte black Ducatis

214 iPhone 5s

30,000 40 oz. brews

A 15-Liter bottle of Ace of Spades

125 lbs. of truffles

300 hours with the finest escorts on

This "Night Stealth" Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

30 pounds of weed

75,000 Dutches

600 Pax Vaporizers

 A Jetlev

Your very own Jacob & Co. Jesus Piece

7 voyages on the Yacht Week with 8 girls

A 6-hour Bugatti rental to stunt on your ex-girlfriend

$150,000 toward a down payment on Kanye not quitting (He needs $50 million)

Please note that David Arabov is related to the Jacob & Co family.