The 12 Signs You Peaked In High School

High school was either the worst time of your life, or the best. For those who weren't getting invited to the parties, felt up in the bathroom, or driven to prom, the days of adolescence are not reflected upon with fondness and nostalgia.

But for those kids who f*cking rocked the sh*t out of their high school days, forgetting those four years can be a hard thing to do.

It's the classic case of peaking too soon. It's seen every day in every local high schools. It's those kids who run the school, the ones who will never be any cooler or any hotter than they are standing at those lockers right now. They are at the prime of their athleticism, hotness and intelligence.

Do you look back on high school and feel sad? Do you realize you keep dating girls that look like your high school love? Do you judge people on what sport they played in high school to this day?

Does your world just keep getting worse and worse? Are you getting uglier? You may just be one of those kids that hit their prime in the florescent-lit halls of adolescence. In case you're still unsure, here are the 12 signs you peaked in high school.

You Still Wear Juicy Track Suits

You Got More Ass In High School Than You Do Now

You Think Chili's Is An Acceptable Date Spot

The Only Band On Your Left Hand Is Your Class Ring

You Still Wear Hollister Clothing

You Mention That You Used To Play Lacrosse In Every Conversation

Your Email Ends In

You Still Think The Mentos Trick Is Awesome

You Listen To "Ocean Avenue" To Reminisce

You Expect People To Comment On Your Sick Jordans

You Fight With Girls In The Bathroom

You Still Steal Gin From Your Parents' Liquor Cabinet