14 Incredible Destinations Where Summer Never Ends

Summer isn't just a season, it's really more of a feeling.

It's a time without worries or strife, where your only responsibility is to enjoy this beautiful and crazy gift we call life.

Indeed, summer is unadulterated joy. It's synonymous with freedom and adventure.

Summer isn't simply defined by roasting under the sun on a beach (although, there's certainly nothing wrong with that).

Summer is about exploration and invigorating experiences. It's about venturing into the unknown and saying yes to things that terrify you.

It's about turning up, letting loose and having no regrets whatsoever. It's about unforgettable parties with the people you love the most, where the music is always loud, the drinks are beyond delicious and the fun never stops.

Simply put, summer is about cultivating unrelenting and unapologetic optimism, a sentiment we should seek to embody each and every day. To borrow from Henry David Thoreau:

One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.

With that said, there are places that can help us recapture the feeling of summer, regardless of what time of year it is.

For many of us across the globe, summer is marked by a transition into long hot days and warm nights. But there are some locations without such distinct changes between the seasons. That doesn't mean they can't embody the essence of summer.

Here are 14 places where you can unleash your inner adventurer, and where summer never truly ends:

1. Lake Tahoe, California

Paul Edmondson

Lake Tahoe is the perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure. It's a natural paradise with epic views.

Go swimming, sailing, fishing or simply chill out and take it all in.

2. Jericoacoara, Brazil

Wiki Commons

It takes a bit of effort to get to Jericoacoara but it's well worth it. This place epitomizes serenity.

Go windsurfing, enjoy the amazing coastal scenery and grab yourself a cocktail as you view the beautiful sunset.

3. Capadoccia, Turkey

Milles Studio

This is one of the most remarkable locations on the planet. Hop in a hot air balloon and feast your eyes on the incredible landscape.

If you love history, adventure and beautiful views, this place is for you.

4. Dingle, Ireland

Wiki Commons

Ireland's coastline is beyond amazing, and Dingle is a perfect example. It's a charming location with myriads of activities.

If you get tired of walking around, there are plenty of great pubs to visit.

5. Havana, Cuba

Gavin Hellier

Cuba's capital is one of the most gorgeous cities on the planet, with rich history and culture.

Enjoy the stunning architecture, sip on some rum and listen to Cuba's vivacious music.

6. Lake Garda, Italy

Liubov Burakova

Italy is full of beautiful locations, and Lake Garda is a prime example.

Go swimming, eat delicious food and relax while taking in the exceptional view.

7. Tayrona, Colombia

Simone Becchetti

This is one of Colombia's most popular national parks, and it's easy to see why. The beaches are gorgeous and perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Myriads of species live here, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

8. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Srdjan Kirtic

If you're looking for a place to escape and relax, come to this peaceful tropical paradise.

Eat delicious seafood, hop on a motorbike and explore or just lounge on the beach.

9. Cape Town, South Africa

Simone Becchetti

Cape Town is an astoundingly beautiful city.

There's so much to do here it's hard to know where to begin, but you can't leave without visiting Table Mountain National Park.

10. Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Peter Wey

Switzerland is heaven for hiking enthusiasts, with some of the most epic views on the planet.

Photographs just don't do this place justice.

11. Punta del Este, Uruguay

Lucas Brentano

Punta del Este is one of the most popular destinations in South America.

If you like to chill on the beach during the day and hit the clubs at night, this place was made for you.

12. Ko Lanta, Thailand

Mauro Grigollo

Thailand is paradise, and Ko Lanta is one of its most exceptional destinations. This natural playground is perfect for exploration and relaxation.

Enjoy both the spectacular scenery and delicious seafood.

13. Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

Wiki Commons

If you're a fan of Lord of the Rings, you will love Doubtful Sound, New Zealand. A portion of the trilogy was filmed here.

It's a stunning destination and ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of kayaking.

14. Tulum, Mexico

Will Clarkson

Tulum is easily one of the best beaches in Mexico, situated alongside Mayan ruins.

With its delicious food, excellent snorkeling and diving and beautiful views, it's impossible to be unhappy in this tranquil beachside paradise.