11 Times Your Resting Bitch Face Gets You Into Trouble

Resting bitch face (otherwise known as RBF) is defined as such:

A term for a facial expression (or lack thereof) which unintentionally appears angry, annoyed, irritated, or contemptuous.

Example: This little pooch knows what's up when it comes to mastering the RBF.

We've all known one (or several) gals that chronically have it. In fact, for the RBF girls we know, it's difficult to picture them looking any other way than, well, bitchy AF at all times.

Smiling causes wrinkles; scowling causes less wrinkles… can I get a “heck yeah?"

For those of you who have the chronic RBF, you know this struggle all too well.

Kristen Stewart has been dubbed the poster girl for RBF, and it's clear why.

But you don't actually need to be a woman to have the facial expression, although it's more commonly seen in and associated with females.

Kanye West has also been labeled with the resting bitch face. YEP, looking v. serious, Kanye.

Some gals have RBF because they are actual, straight-up betches. Others don't know how to be warm or friendly. And the rest just casually have the look and don't even realize it.

In fact, CNN reported resting bitch face is actually a real thing according to scientists.

There are several things that would only be logical to anyone who has a RBF, in my book.

Use the RBF wisely, because here are the 11 times the face can get you into trouble.

1. When throwing shade is a normal emotion.

*Sees friend, says hi, throws shade*

It simply comes with the territory and can really piss your friends and family off.

2. When looking happy is oh-so overrated.

If you're a negative person who likes to put on the RBF on the reg, you live life with the mindset that smiling is perceived as happiness, so why smile?

People will assume you have a stick up your butt and avoid you like the plague.

3. When having a conversation with your boss.

Again, if you use the RBF to act superior to others, know that karma can be just as betchy as your face, too. You may get a demotion, or even the boot.

4. When giving off the bitchy look to ward off people.

People won't even want to come near you, and you'll be in major trouble then because no one will want to have your back.

5. When casually riding the subway.

If you have an RBF and don't even know it's taking over your face at that very moment when you accidentally shove a stranger, it could mean bad news bears.

6. When having a serious conversation with your significant other.

Your boyfriend may think you're mad at him just from your facial expression, even if you're not.

7. When making eye contact with a hottie across the bar.

Once glance can tell a guy if you're being flirty and want him to come talk to you, or if you're not interested and want him to stop looking at you. With an RBF, you could very well end up with the second scenario playing out.

8. When catching an Uber or cab.

He'll drive (actually speed) right on by you.

9. When shopping.

The sales person will run for the hills, so rarely anyone is around to help.

10. When talking to a frenemy.

The RBF certainly does not help this situation, and could actually cause the frenemy to start more drama behind your back.

11. When trying to make new friends.

Every girl will just assume you're a natural hater sipping on that #Haterade all the time.

Overall, the resting bitch face can definitely be badass and fierce, if you use it in the right way. If you're constantly giving off negative vibes and have an RBF by choice, chances are you'll end up alone because no one wants to chill with a negative Nancy.