11 Signs That Prove She's A Goal Digger, Not A Gold Digger

by Alexa Mellardo
Maja Topcagic

Drunk off of neon strobe lights, confetti and champagne showers, many of us rang in the new year kissing that special someone and raging with the main squad.

The following morning we coaxed our hangovers the only way we know how… boozy brunch and a big-ass stack of pancakes drizzled with maple syrup.

Bring on the bottomless mimosas and keep them coming.

Once the partying came to a close, we picked out the cream of the crop from our of New Year's Eve pictures to post on Instagram, surrounded by loved ones and friends.


Most of us looked back on the awesome memories we created, accomplishments we achieved and obstacles we faced this past year, and what will be in 2017.

For all of my fellow goal diggers out there, setting new goals for ourselves and embracing them at full-throttle is a top priority. It's the only way we roll.

And if you're getting the term “goal digger” confused with Kanye West's “gold digger,” you're mistaken.

*Starts to sing, “now I ain't saying she a gold digger.”*

These are the 11 signs you're a “goal digger,” not a “gold digger.”

1. “Challenge” is your middle name.

Whatever it may be, you're always game for the challenge at hand. Any bumps in the road only make the story of reaching your goal that much more intriguing.

2. You look at every curveball as a challenge, not a roadblock.

One of my favorite quotes from Babe Ruth is, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”


You're not one to stress over the roadblocks that lie ahead, but rather approach each one with a positive attitude. You know there's a way to overcome them, and you're totally for it.

3. You're all about the climb to the top.

Being a hard worker is how you live and breathe every day. You're dedicated to reaching your goal, and it's all part of the journey that lies ahead to get there.

4. Your career is very important to you.

Success and achievements are unparalleled highs. You consider every day at your job a gift and room for improvement, rather than a burden that parts you from your cozy bed in the morning.

5. You go in all or nothing.

You're focused AF and know how to get shit done. When it's time to get that goal, you give it 100 percent.


What's the fun in sitting back and watching instead of taking action and giving it your all, right?

6. You're not good at tolerating incompetence.

You have neither the time or patience for incompetent people. They drive you absolutely insane, and you're really not the best at showing your irritation when it comes to this. #OOPS.

7. You always look at the glass as half full.

Taking the positive approach, the glass is always half full for you. If the glass starts to look half empty, you kick ass to get to the closest source of water.

8. You never hesitate to do something over.

You strive for perfection; anything else will simply just not do. If something's not up to par with your personal standards, you do it all over again until it's at its optimum best.


9. You're never afraid to be different or think outside of the box.

Daring to be different is one of your specialties. You don't follow the crowd; you lead it.

Someone important to me once said, “If things were easy to achieve, everyone would have them.” This is where thinking outside of the box and always coming up with unique ideas come into play. What sets you apart from the rest?

10. You're a big dreamer.

Harvey MacKay once said, "A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

Dream big, set goals and take action. It's kind of like inviting the girl squad over to watch “The Bachelor” on Mondays. You take it a step or three further by ordering pizza… and making damn well sure you have chocolate brownie fudge ice cream in the fridge.

11. Your goal should be out of reach, but not out of sight.

If you can't see it, buy a pair of binoculars or trendy AF glasses. Nothing is out of sight for you.


When it comes down to it, we goal diggers know that success has no boundaries, and we're looking forward to how we can make our mark this year. To 2017, look out for us because here we COME.