10 Reasons You Should Always Say Yes To A Night Out With Friends

by Alli Colzani

We've all heard the cliché, "College is the best four years of your life." It's a statement with which many disagree, but if you have the right mindset during your four years of undergraduate shenanigans, you'll find that it couldn't be any truer.

If you're the typical college student, you'll find yourself dreading the thought of graduation. Getting a full-time job? Having real responsibilities?

What about the inexplicable, blackout nights with your best friends? Newsflash: They're going to disappear quicker than your diploma will arrive in the mail.

It's important to relish these nights while you still can. Adopt a "yes mentality" when it comes to going out with your friends.

If you need some convincing next time your friends decide to do a bar crawl on a Monday night, we're here to help.

Here are 10 reasons to always say yes to a night out with your friends:

1. You'll be full of regret the next morning when everyone is trying to piece together their crazy nights.

When Alyssa is trying to remember how she got home, and Mollie is wondering why there's a kayak in the living room, you're going to experience some major FOMO.

In five years when you meet up with all your college friends, you'll want to reminisce on all of those crazy nights, not the nights you laid in bed and binge-watched Netflix.

2. The "clothes" you've purchased will no longer be appropriate to wear after graduation.

You've spent hundreds of dollars on tight miniskirts, crop tops and dresses that barely cover your ass. Get your money's worth and wear them while you can; you'll probably be getting rid of them as soon as you graduate.

3. It will never again be socially acceptable to binge drink Tuesday through Saturday.

When you have a full-time job, you'll be spending your nights sleeping or catching up on more work at home, not getting belligerent at the local dive bar.

4. You'll never find bars with drinks as cheap as your college town.

Pints of beer for $3 and Long Island iced teas for $2.50? Those are deals you likely won't find once you're in the real world. It'll be more like 17-dollar Long Island iced teas and 10-dollar shots.

Take advantage of the cheap alcohol while you can; your bank account will thank you.

5. Making out on the dance floor at a bar is not typically acceptable behavior of a full-time, working adult.

In college, however, you can get away with it. Sure, most of the time, you regret it the next morning when your friends say he was a hard four and not a 10 like your drunken self imagined. But, YOLO; it happens.

6. Drinking games are fun. You think you'll go to an adult party and find beer pong and flip cup? Highly unlikely.

Beer Olympics, Waterfall, Ride the Bus and True American -- play while you can.

7. You'll never be able to bounce back from a five-day binge as quickly as you can now.

The older you get, the worse the hangovers get. Enjoy the hangover-free life while you can.

8. It's not as socially acceptable to befriend the bartenders later on in life.

Befriending the bartenders at your local college bar = awesome way to get free/cheaper drinks.

Befriending the bartenders when you're in your late 20s = you know you go to the bar alone way too much.

9. Going to class still drunk from the night before isn't a huge deal. Showing up to a client meeting still drunk will probably cost you your job.

If you've never woken up still hammered from the night before, you haven't done college right.

10. Netflix will be around forever. The chance to go out with your best friends and get irresponsibly belligerent on a Monday night won't.

There's all the time in the world to lay in bed and rewatch "Gossip Girl" (for the third time). But after graduation, it's very likely that all of your friends will end up in different cities.

Enjoy your time with them while you can; enjoy Netflix later.