Life Can Be A B*tch: The 10 Best Ways To Vent And Clear Your Mind

by Paul Hudson

Life can be a bitch. People will frustrate you. Sh*t will come your way that will mess up your plans and demoralize you. The world will not always work in your favor and often at times will seem to be even working against you.

Stress is almost certainly unavoidable and can act as a silent killer over time if you are not able to release or disperse of all the negative thoughts and feelings that you have towards your life, the unpleasant situation that you have found yourself in, and yourself.

Having a clear mind is having a healthy mind. Having a mind filled with stress, anger and disappointment does nothing but stifle your success and growth as an individual. It is not at all beneficial to you or your cause. The question is: are such negative thoughts and emotions avoidable? At times yes, but not always.

There are times where our expectations get the better of us and we are let down by the actual results. Life doesn’t always go our way and the emotional responses that we have are, for the most part, out of our control. There are, however, ways to rid yourself of such negative thoughts, helping you to stay content and focused. Here are 10 of the best way to vent and clear your mind so that you can find peace and focus on what matters to you:

1. Meditation

So you’re no yogi, fair enough. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some time out of your day to do nothing but breathe. We are so busy with our lives that we forget what it means to be alive — to breathe and to exist. Meditating allows you to clear your mind in an incredibly efficient manner. More impressively, it will reduce the likelihood of future events and situations having a severe impact on your psyche. It gives you perspective.

2. Running

The repetitive motions, the focused, regulated breathing, and the physical exertion makes running an ideal way to remove negative thoughts from your mind. Grab your running shoes and just focus on the motions. Focus on your posture, the movement of you hips, legs and arms. As your heart rate increases and you begin to sweat your troubles will seem to wash away.

3. Sex

By far my favorite form of venting. Nothing makes sex more exhilarating than stress with a hint of pent up anger. You’ll give kinky and creative a whole new meaning. Take out your anger and frustration in the sack and I promise you that not only will you have a clear mind, but your partner will love the new, honest side of you. Nothing clears the mind like mutual, blissful orgasm.

4. Reading

Sometimes the best way to clear your thoughts is to get away. Unfortunately, we can’t always afford or have the time to go on vacation. So pick up a book. Reading allows you to escape from your life for a few hours and also is likely to give you a new perspective on things. Plus, it is easy to find reading that is relevant to whatever pickle you may have found yourself in and is likely to give you sound advice.

5. Intense Workouts

If you’re pissed then you may need to sweat it out. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym, but when you can, use your anger and frustration to your benefit. Get your heart rate up and get the blood flowing. The chemicals that your body releases during such bouts of fitness training will do wonders towards calming your body and soul.

6. Boxing

I know it sounds clichéd, but sometimes you just need to hit something. Strap on those boxing gloves and have at it. Sports like baseball and golf can also do wonders — basically anything that involves direct force being applied by you onto another object.

7. Hiking

The best place to find peace is in nature. Taking the time to listen to the natural world, the animals, streams and wind will reconnect you with it. Sometimes being reminded that we are just a small part of a large story can help us put things back into perspective.

8. Writing

We don’t always need to forget. Sometimes we need to dissect and better understand. Often at times we become stressed and frustrated over the silliest of things. Writing will help you better understand the situation that you are in, how dire the situation actually is, as well as help you find an appropriate solution to your predicament.

9. Screaming

It sounds silly, but screaming can literally reduce your pain. Screaming has been adapted by all sorts of animals as a way of letting others know that something is wrong. Sometimes you need to scream as a way of acknowledging that you have a problem. Plus, it feels really good. Try it.

10. Talking To A Friend

Two heads are better than one when it comes to figuring out solutions to problems. Two heads are also better than one when it comes to dealing with stress. If you are having a difficult time or on the verge of a possible mental breakdown, then go and talk to someone. Often at times knowing that there’s someone there for you, that you have support, is enough to help you get through the most difficult of times.