Brilliant Sign Proves The Same Qualities Women Hate In Men, They Love In Cats (Photo)

Cats: They're sassy and independent, and they almost never want to be touched when you need a snuggle.

And yet, 95.6 million cats reside in homes across the US.

An Imgur user uploaded a photo of a very apt poster he came across, noting that women love felines for their independence, disobedience and tardiness -- all qualities likely to piss them off in a male companion.

To be fair, there's a clear difference between a tiny-brained pet and the thinking capacity of an adult human, so these characteristics are a little less understandable coming from a grown man.

Yes, the idea may be a little outdated -- take the sentiment with a grain of salt -- but it's still worth a chuckle.

Here, boyfriend. C'mere, you! Good boy.

Photo Courtesy: Imgur