Women Describe Their Guys' Penises To A Sketch Artist And It's Hilarious (Video)

In this troubling video, we see a bunch of girlfriends asked to describe their boyfriends’ penises to a police sketch artist.

Now I'm not exactly sure why the sketch artist had to be from the police, seeing as his focus is HEAVY on faces, but I guess the video's title would be less catchy if it was "Women Describe Their Guys' Junk To A Guy Who Is Good At Drawing That Stuff."

Also, I feel like there has to be some self-selecting on the penis quality going on here. No one with a micro penis is going to volunteer to have his girlfriend just say, "Just draw balls and a bump and we're good."

That being said, my favorite part of this video is definitely the woman who keeps asking the sketch artist to make her guy’s penis narrower.

Good thing I'm not in this video, because there are not enough trees on this planet to make the paper you'd need to adequately capture my Thor-schlong.