Woman Snapchats Her Attempt To Grill Burgers And It Goes Seriously Wrong


Grilling can go really well sometimes, but usually, you end up f*cking everything up, and anything good that comes out of it is probably more trouble than it's worth.

This is why I never grill. Well, I never cook in general I guess, but I also never grill.

One Snapchat user decided to document a two-hour marathon of grilling failure and someone uploaded it to Imgur for others who feel like they should try and dabble in those dark culinary arts to see.

Seriously, she just can't get a break. It's like watching someone fall down the stairs for two hours.

Things start off pretty well (she's got confidence, optimism and emojis)...

...then immediately go wrong.

I think Katy Perry wrote a song about this grill.

Never judge a grill by its odor (it could be empty or, I dunno, filled with orphan feet).

This just wasn't meant to be. Just like Taylor and Calvin Hobbes (that's his name, right?).

Finally, she manages to put the meat on. And, to celebrate, as is her custom, she emojis more limbs.

Then she tells this bald-faced lie.

A Common mistake. And by "Common," I mean the rapper. He's always f*cking his bun game up. Everyone else knows better.

And, in the end, here is her feast. Also not sure she knows how small babies are. She has a lot to learn, I guess.


In the end, it was a marathon of failure.

There is a good chance this grill is haunted by a very boring ghost.

Gimme that ghost grill.


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