This Woman Actually Pretended To Be A Bike And Caused A Traffic Jam (Video)

At some point while watching this video, I actually told myself aloud,

She's not a bike.

Then, a couple seconds later that random guy who is late to work yelled,

Lady, you are not a bike.

At this point, I more loudly said,

He's right! You're not a bike!

Then, I felt bad.

Who am I to judge? Who are WE to tell someone he or she is or is not a bike? It's not about the bike on the outside; it's about the bike that is in your heart.

We all need to be like the woman in this video who is kind of just going with it -- the one who tells the lady with two legs on her body but two tires on her soul,

You a bike.

You IS a bike, everybody. You IS a bike when you stop letting society tell you you isn't!

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