Woman Hilariously Thinks Her Hands Are Pac-Man After Surgery (Video)

This Pac-Man impression got a bit too real.

What started as a playful hand and voice impression of Pac-Man slowly turned into a terrifying Tim Burton-esque reality.

The graphic story was told by a lady named Jenn, who according to the video, was recovering from leg surgery.

In the tale, Pac-Man is walking around and chasing a ghost when she suddenly realizes ghosts aren’t meant to be chased. No, ghosts aren’t meant to be chased at all.

Big ups to the nurse who saw the freakout happening and sprang into action.

Her skills as an RN to redirect Pac-Man saved what could have been a very emotional few minutes.

It's a scary story with a happy ending, all of which Jenn will 100 percent forget by the time she wakes up.