You've Never Been As Mad At Anything As This Woman Is At Her Commute

There are a lot of reasons to use Twitter, such as sharing easily digestible quotes to make yourself seem cultured or making jokes and telling yourself you're going to get "discovered," but it's also a place where people go to complain about their lives when no one else will listen.

In the past year, @ChristineCtonry has tweeted 132 times, which would be fairly unremarkable if you ignored the fact that nearly every single one of those tweets consisted of her complaining to Metro North about her commute to and from Connecticut.

She may follow 73 people, but every single tweet Tonry has sent since Feb. 3, 2014, has been directed  and has contained some sort of complaint or inquiry about train delays.

Every. Single. Tweet.

Tonry is a trader at an investment firm in New York City and appears to commute daily from Greenwich, which I figured out after looking at the 16 screenshots of various train delays that she's directed at her mortal enemy and eternal adversary over the past 12 months.

It might seem crazy, but it should be noted that her efforts aren't in vain -- she has managed to receive a response from Metro North on at least one occasion, but it doesn't appear it's done much to assuage her constant irritation.

I'd say anyone who deals with delays this often should maybe wake up a little bit earlier to prevent eventual trouble, but I'd prefer to avoid the wrath of some of the sick burns she's doled out since starting her crusade.

Prices go up, service goes down. You can't explain that.

@MetroNorth 9 year commute and this is a joke. Your fares have gone up and your service has gotten worse, how does that make sense? — irish97 (@ChristineCtonry) February 3, 2015

There is literally no arguing with this logic. Ironclad.

@MetroNorth horrible service yet again. How can this happen every night? You need to discount tix since we get discounted service — irish97 (@ChristineCtonry) February 11, 2015

What a novel idea! I can't believe this has never occurred to anyone else before.

@MetroNorth why do track work during rush hour?!?!? Isn't there a better time? So stupid and a waste of everyone's time. Horrible service. — irish97 (@ChristineCtonry) February 10, 2015

"Reverse commute discrimination" is my new favorite term.

@MetroNorth stuck in tunnel headed to gcs for longer than 15. Watched 10 outbound trains go. Reverse commute discrimination. Reduce my fare! — irish97 (@ChristineCtonry) February 3, 2015

Got 'em.

@MetroNorth it could be sunny and 75, there would be delays. In what weather does the train actually run on time? — irish97 (@ChristineCtonry) January 29, 2015

There's a chance this is one of the more dedicated jokes I've ever come across, but I have no reason to believe this isn't 100 percent authentic.

If it turns out to be fake, I won't just be embarrassed -- I'll be disappointed.