Woman With A Fake Penis Tries To Get Guys In This Hilarious Prank (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

Many straight men have an irrational fear of being mistaken as gay.

One woman decided to play on that fear in a ridiculous (and wholly not-PC) prank for YouTube comedy channel HoomanTV.

In this video, the woman, dressed in a tight white shirt and spandex exercise shorts, approaches various men on the Venice Beach Boardwalk and attempts to flirt with them.

As the men begin to express interest, the woman reveals a shocking surprise: She has a penis.

She supplements this news by showing off her huge package (simulated by a dildo stuffed into her shorts).

Unaware they're being filmed, the duped dudes react accordingly. Some stagger away in horror while a few seem entirely unfazed and continue to hit on the chick with a dick.

If adolescent humor is your thing, this is the video for you.

Otherwise, you may feel the six-minute video goes on far longer than necessary -- and in my opinion, you'd be right.

Intrigued? Watch the prank for yourself up top.

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