This Genius Makes All Other 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestants Look Like Idiots

"Wheel of Fortune" used to air directly after "Jeopardy!" when I was growing up, and it always served as the perfect palate cleanser after Alex Trebek somehow made you feel like a bad person for not knowing as much trivia as everyone else.

That's why I've always viewed "Wheel of Fortune" as the "Teen Mom" of syndicated game shows. It's the perfect thing to put on when you want to feel smarter than every single person appearing on screen.

I'm still having problems processing this video featuring the almost otherworldly performance of a contestant named Robert, who managed to annoy basically every person on set when he refused to be as dumb as "Wheel of Fortune" players are supposed to be.

There have been contestants in the past who failed to solve the puzzle when every single letter was already revealed, but Robert gave Vanna White a much-deserved break by managing to complete virtually every puzzle -- including the final one -- earlier than any normal person should.

Congratulations to Robert for not being normal. He made a lot of money because of it.