What Really Happens At Bachelor Parties

Elite Daily

What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear the words "bachelor party"?

Most people associate bachelor parties with tons and tons of alcohol, strippers and boobs (lots of boobs).

It is a groom's last chance to do all the things he won't be able to enjoy once he's married… or if he's lucky, until one of his buddies gets hitched, and he attends another bachelor party. Anyway, it is typically the last hurrah for the groom to get that bachelor feeling.

A typical bachelor party night consists of getting really drunk, getting into some nice type of transportation (a limo, perhaps) and attending some type of establishment that has half- to full-naked girls dancing on poles.

We decided to follow five best guy friends who have been planning this bachelor party for a long time… or at least since April 25.

We soon discovered this type of bachelor party was not your typical bachelor party. Instead, it happened on a Monday night, and there were a lot of roses involved -- and a girl named JoJo.

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