The Weird Reason A Justin Bieber Concert Made Me Realize My BF Was 'The One'

by Ali Leal

When my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see Justin Bieber, my whole life flashed before my eyes. Since I've been in a training bra, I've followed pop stars up and down the east coast.

I've laid down in front of buses, bribed security guards, got sun poisoning, camped out, faked emergencies and spent a healthy (depending on who you ask) amount of time planning my wedding to at least seven different boy band members. I'm a 36DD now and in a serious relationship.

This was the very first time my worlds would collide, and I had no idea how to act.

After I explained my apprehensions to — which included the possibility of blacking out and committing a felony (or worse) — he actually still seemed to be into me. This heaven-sent hunk even granted me the permission to touch JB if I was presented with the opportunity to. Therefore, I felt a little more comfortable moving forward with this situation.

I knew I had myself a keeper even before I got the tickets. But I never expected Justin Bieber to make it so glaringly clear that I had found “the one.”

1. I have a hand to hold.

Every single night, Justin Bieber has thousands of hands reaching out, in the hopes of grazing his. If and when he decides to acknowledge any of these manicured fingers, a limp digit shake is the best he'll give up.

These subpar exchanges may be enough to sell out stadiums, rupture stomachs with butterflies and convince a young lady to never wash her pinky again, but they also made me realize I was straying from the fan girl pack. My moment of clarity occurred when I reached down and fit my hands in those of a boy who  gave me those same butterflies.

2. He notices.

Multiply the number of fans in attendance by at least five, and you'll find out how many sleepless nights were spent putting together the perfect concert outfit. Seriously, even the fans in the nosebleed section made sure their panties matched their necklaces.

Will Justin notice or appreciate the off-shoulder tunic you had overnighted? Nah. Not to mention, the shipping cost more than the tunic itself.

Did my boyfriend notice the deodorant stain on the back of my shirt? (Don't ask how it got there.) He sure did. He also noticed my necklace.

3. He puts in the work.

Justin Bieber is a lot like the dude who looks at all your Snap stories but can't seem to figure out how to respond to a text message. He's the dude you sweat over for way too long. You analyze his one-word answers forever, before you realize he ain't sh*t.

Despite the fact that these types of f*ckboys put in virtually no work at all, they always have flocks (millions) of girls (fans) drooling over them. JB doesn't even pretend to lip sync.

The mere thought of holding the mic to his lips (or sending a text back) must have been too much for the young star. I still get “Good morning” texts, and get surprised with my favorite Brussels sprouts.

4. He smiles.

For the entire duration of The Purpose Tour set, JB may have forced a smile two times. The kid sold out a stadium. People spent their lifetime savings on those tickets and cab fare.

People were fainting and crying. Yet, he remained unmoved. The poor soul standing next to me was all teeth just because of one gap-toothed smile in the crowd. Yes, that smile would be me.

5. He knows what to do with a drumstick.

Justin graced the audience (and disgraced drummers) with a drum solo of his own. I thought my dude was going to go into cardiac arrest.

He's a drummer, and a way better one at that. He looks way hotter, too.

6. He's worth the wait.

I waited a long damn time for this gem to come into my life, and I'm going to treasure every moment I have with him. Instead of drinking in the magic surrounding him, Biebs continuously got ahead of himself.

He even forgot to sing “Love Yourself.” Seriously?

7. He stays on his feet.

We stood the entire time, even through the obscure acoustic numbers. Meanwhile, JB managed to find the time to lie in the middle of the stage while he was hosting 19,000 guests.

8. He's not camera shy.

Justin has decided to put his fans — who were willing to throw down $2,000 for a photo — in their place by refusing to take pictures with them.

I constantly have to dodge the camera and untag myself in ugly pics. But at least my babe is proud to show me off.

9. My man looks good.

Despite having an entire team of people whose sole job is to dress him, Justin emerged from under the stage multiple times looking like he just rolled out of bed.

I was all “heart-eye emoji” because my man was wearing about seven layers of wrinkle-free clothes. (He doesn't even own an iron.)

10. He's a Belieber.

Uh, the dude came to a Justin Bieber concert with me. Case closed.

That night, the girl who laid in front of buses, bribed security guards, got sun poisoning, camped out, faked emergencies and spent a healthy amount of time planning weddings to at least seven different boy band members fell (slightly) out of love with the posters that used to cover her walls. She was more than happy to leave the stadium (without so much as a $60 T-shirt), hand-in-hand with her very own heartthrob.