This Parody Trailer For 'We Are Your Friends' Is Absolutely Perfect

Earlier this week, I accidentally exposed my senses to the trailer for "We Are Your Friends," the movie featuring Zac Efron as a DJ.

It's also a movie that made struggling screenwriters everywhere want to throw their laptops out the window while resisting the urge to do the same with their bodies.

The plot, as far as I can tell, involves Zac Efron having sex with Hot Girls who love his Hot Jamz and he uses an Especially Hot Girl as inspiration to create an Especially Hot Jam to end all Hot Jams. I assume there's also a scene where some Shirtless Bros passionately yell at each other before hugging it out.

As I've just shown, it's basically impossible to talk about the trailer without making fun of it, but one guy took things to the next level with a slightly more accurate trailer complete with the "Sandstorm" the original was so desperately lacking.

The world is a better place because of it.