Was Bill Nye The Science Guy A Stoner All Along? (Photos)

by Lauren Martin

With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes weed, right? Ever notice how, the older you get, the more tainted your childhood memories become?

Suddenly, Teletubbies aren't lovable aliens but creepy men in suits giggling about poo, and all those Cartoon Network shows you loved were really just the byproducts of writers on too much acid. You start to see the men and women you looked up to in a much more human light and the shows of your childhood are given new, adult meaning.

Well, "Bill Nye The Science Guy" may be another example of a man who is not as he appeared. While we have no definite proof that Bill Nye "the science guy" is a stoner, from our deductions --along the same vein that Steve from "Blue Clues" was on Codeine and Angelica from "Rugrats" was actually a schizophrenic who hallucinated the other babies -- it seems that Bill certainly toked the reefer.

I mean, just look at the facts...

Let's start with the intro...

It may have been a while since you watched "Bill Nye The Science Guy," so to refresh your memory, here's the "quirky" "nerdy" intro that's definitely nothing like an acid trip.

And this part

This needs no explanation.

That time he played with a balloon for a little too long

If I could get high and play with a balloon, it would look something like this.

And wore this wig for no reason

If I recall, there wasn't really a scientific reason behind him wearing this Bob Marley wig.

And did this a lot...

I'm starting to wonder if he was smoking more than just weed.

Then he made his head into a meteor

Bill: "I have a great idea, let's get baked and pretend we're shooting stars!"

He got the munchies

Clearly you're baked if you need to eat during your half-hour program.

A lot...

What stoner can resist a Twinkie?

Sometimes he didn't want us to know

No red eyes today.

And sometimes he just didn't give a f*ck

Don't worry, Bill, we love you even more now.

For more Bill Nye fun, check out our original interview video where he breaks down the science of twerking.

Photo Credit: Getty Images