The Future Is Here And It's Virtual Reality Headsets With Googly Eyes

There are people who are convinced virtual reality is a major catalyst for ushering in the future that was prophesied in "WALL-E," and I doubt they feel much different after the official launch of the $600 Oculus Rift headset last week.

I got the chance to try out a beta version of the Rift a couple of years ago and after experiencing what it's like to fully immerse yourself in a game, I can understand why some casual Luddites think people might never leave their homes after discovering VR porn.

It's basically impossible to look cool when you're isolating yourself from the real world by placing a giant black rectangle over your face, but some people figured out an almost foolproof way to ensure you only look kind of dorky: googly eyes.

With the exception of open casket funerals, it's common knowledge googly eyes make everything better, and virtual reality headsets are no exception.

This tweet showcases the finest collection of modified headsets that I've come across, but these are far from the only people to take part in the trend.

From perpetually surprised...


To possibly stoned...

...there's really no end to the emotions you can convey (as long as you're fine with only being able to convey a single one).


Try adding eyebrows for even more emotional diversity!

It's the season's hottest new fashion accessory.

People are already taking things to the next level. We might eventually all be fat and immobile, but at least we'll look hilarious.