The Video Of Dan Bilzerian Throwing Porn Star Off Roof Gets The Jim Ross And R Kelly Treatment

The incident of Dan Bilzerian throwing a porn star off a roof and into a pool caused a bit of an uproar yesterday, and the Internet proves it has no shame when it comes to making parody videos.

Just a day later after the clip, which shows 18-year-old porn star Janice Griffith falling off the roof and breaking her foot, was released, parody videos of the incident have already come pouring out.

Thanks to an anonymous submission, we have received two parody videos of the incident.

It was inevitable for the infamous Jim Ross wrestling commentary to come out synced with the video, but don't end the video early, as it is also joined by the classic R. Kelly anti-gravity anthem, "I Believe I Can Fly."

We wish Janice a speedy recovery, and we hope she'll get a couple laughs out of this video while she's at it!

Photo Courtesy: Instagram