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Vermin Supreme On Donald Trump: 'That Guy's F*cking Nuts'

Vermin Supreme, presidential candidate, had this to say about Donald Trump:

Yo, that guy's f*cking nuts.

Supreme, who runs a campaign based on there not being enough ponies in America and supports a mandatory toothbrushing law, added:

No I'm serious, have you seen this maniac? Every single thing that he's saying is batsh*t crazy.

Supreme has run for president seven times. This year, he finished in fourth place in the New Hampshire primary. Supreme is easily recognizable for wearing a boot on his head. He voiced his concern for the current state of American politics:

Aside from the fact so many of their policies just don't make any logical, humane sense, can you believe these serious presidential candidates are making fun of each other's wives and talking about the size of their packages on national stages? These guys are insane. I mean, seriously, what a ridiculous clusterf*ck of totally uncool jokers. They are completely flailing in the face of any sort of dignity American politics at least attempted to maintain.

Trump has yet to respond to Supreme's comments.

Disclaimer: This post is an April Fools' Day joke. Relax.

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