Twitter's #TitleOfMySelfHelpBook Will Make You Feel Less Alone In This World

by Rosey Baker

This morning, Twitter came through with my favorite hashtag since Amber Rose called Kanye West a #fingerinthebootyassbitch.

To me, there's nothing more healthy than laughing at our own shortcomings, and #TitleOfMySelfHelpBook does just that.

It also had the power to transform Twitter from a world of finger-pointing political arguments back into a place of self-deprecating hilarity.

For a moment while reading these tweets, I felt safe. It was like I was living in Obama's America again.

So, do yourself a favor today and take a moment to check out all the weird and hilarious ways we cope:

Mental health


Wait, I thought toilets at work were fancy tear bowls, and the stalls were hiding places for me to ugly-cry.

I'm confused.


This book could actually really help me because I've started to believe in ghosts.


To be honest, panic attacks are, like, the most effective way to drop everything and focus obsessively on my breathing.



Thank you. I've been trying to tell the unemployment office this same thing the whole time!


I might be a failure, but at least I never quit!


This is way too relatable. I've actually googled how many calories you can burn judging people, and it's 50 an hour if you do it standing up.

Lazy life hacks


Finally, the step-by-step guide to staying exactly where I am on the couch. I've been searching the planet for this.


I've been saying this all along, and everyone is too stupid to listen.


Well, SOMEONE had to take a dig at Trump in the midst of all this fun-loving self-hatred.

And I know there are plenty of improvements I need to make to my life, but thanks to Twitter, at least I know I'm not alone.

Wait... that sounds like something someone who hasn't ever left their basement would say.