You Can Seriously Bling Out Your Cat's Butt With The 'Twinkle Tush'

by Madeline Concannon

Are you tired of staring at your cat's butt?

Luckily, Twinkle Tush is here to solve this problem for you.

This homemade informercial features a necklace-like accessory that dangles from your cat's tail to perfectly cover your kitty's anus.

And while this bejeweled butt cover is a joke, you can (and should) still buy one for your cat because buttholes are really gross.

The Twinkle Tush website sells the product for the very low price of $6. So, whether you want to get it as a joke for your cat-obsessed friend or you genuinely want to stop seeing your cat's butt every time it jumps on your lap, this gift is a good investment.

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